I was dismayed to learn that a conference about sustainable living at Findhorn had fourteen Israeli speakers, many were clearly aligned with Israel's policies. One of them, Ruth Kark, gave evidence it support of the displacement of 70,000 Bedouin citizens of Israel, basing her argument on the lack of documentation of ownership,title deeds ect. (A a farce given ISraael's denial of the right of return with full documentation and front door keys!) I and others decided to start up a local Moray SPSC branch and rallied support from Findhorn and the wider community. We invited the SPSC Chair to be our spokesperson in negotiations with the Foundation which produced a clear statement committing to human rights that left no place for ethnically exclusive, Jewish-only communities such as the kibbutz. I feel that I'm on a steep learning curve, as I plough through informative books and articles Our new branch has a small core group, we held a vigil on Christmas eve, we are outside Sainsbury's regardless of the weather, we aim to have regular film nights, are glad to be included in tour dates of inspiring speakers and we meet up socially and have decided to raise funding for Mushier El Farra's children's mobile library project in the Gaza Strip. This gives us an active focus and is a great tool to bring awareness of the plight of the Palestinians to our local community. Nahed Gadalla, Moray

I paid my annual membership and became a member of Scottish PSC in the winter of 2000. The second Palestinian 'Intifada' had began in September and the issue was constantly being reported in the media. Every time I saw the images of Palestinian resistance to Israel's ruthless and unrelenting attacks, I got angry. Without understanding or knowing all the history and the issues related to Israel/Palestine, I understood that Palestinians faced injustice daily.

Personal circumstances meant that I didn't get involved until 2001, nine days before the attack on the twin towers in New York. As well as working in Scottish PSC, like many others who were drawn to wider political activity at that time, I joined Stop the War, the Scottish Socialist Party and the Socialist Workers Party. Today, I am still a member of Scottish PSC. Nowhere else do I find it possible to discuss, debate and work together with people who are inclusive, non-sectarian, strategic and effective.

I urge you to join Scottish PSC – the Israeli Embassy and other support organisations are employing full-timers to fight the campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions against the state of Israel – we need to join together for collective actions and initiatives, to keep up the pressure and to offer effective solidarity to the Palestinian freedom struggle. Sofiah MacLeod, Dumfries & Galloway

As I became involved in the student movement for Palestinian rights, I soon came into contact with SPSC, and was impressed with their dedication and coherency.  SPSC are the driving force behind the creation of an environment in Scotland which was recently perceived as 'enemy territory' by a senior Israeli spokesperson. It has responded effectively to the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against the Israeli state in commercial, political, and cultural spheres, as well as providing a piercing critique of the settler-colonialist ideology which underpins the occupation of Palestine and the daily violations of the rights of its people. SPSC isn't afraid to take sides; it stands with the oppressed rather than with the champions of the privileged oppressor.  Paddy Durnin, Dundee

Resistance against the Israeli occupation and Apartheid wouldn't be as effective if it was exclusive 'Kareem' - not his real name -  is going back to Palestinefor us Palestinians; it would be way more effective when people of conscious all around the globe join the struggle for justice in Palestine. Palestine solidarity campaigns around the world have proven to be a major element in the Palestinian's strives for justice, and the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign is a leading group in this struggle. As I am currently a student in Dundee, I decided to join the SPSC in hope to contribute to the campaign's effort in giving a voice for the oppressed people fighting for justice in Palestine.  Kareem Barghouti, Dundee

Once aware of the dreadful conditions imposed on the Palestinian people under Israel's brutal military rule, it is not enough to be angry. For far too long this situation has continued, with a compliant and biased media in the West distorting facts through language, or straight forward lies.  The SPSC offers a well organised, committed and passionate platform that unites the Palestinians and those who support their struggle for freedom and justice.  Margie Haig, Edinburgh


The SPSC programme and activities match my belief that robust actions are needed to uncover systematic crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli government and its institutions against the Palestinian people.  Doing nothing or sitting on the fence supports only criminals so I chose the side of the victims and joined SPSC.  It is a duty to defend our human dignity. Waseem Abuaghlain, in Edinburgh, from Gaza.

For a long time I was aware of Israeli human rights violations against Palestinians but decided to get more active after my first visit to Palestine when I saw the reality of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and the results of ethnic cleansing within the green line on JNF lands.

I also discovered how important international solidarity is regarded by Palestinians involved in resistance. I joined SPSC because it is a committed activist organisation which has done so much to raise awareness in Scotland of the Palestinian situation and name its cause - Zionism and the Israeli colonisation of Palestine. Eurig Scandrett, Midlothian