Hodge & McIntosh: false allegations of anti-semitism

in Tories and New Labour
"Pro-war, pro-Israel Margaret Hodge accuses supporters of Palestine in the Labour Party of bringing that party into disrepute. Her own disgraceful cover up of child abuse as…

BBC challenged over bias and complicity

in The BBC
On 2nd November, the BBC published an article by Fiona Stalker, and ran an accompanying piece on Reporting Scotland. Throughout both pieces, individuals were allowed to make…

BBC becomes the latest establishment body to cosy up to the Israel lobby in Scotland

in The BBC
The BBC has been criticised for its failures during an episode of the BBC Two “Victoria Derbyshire” show broadcast on 27 April – see article here. The BBC was found to have given…

What is going on at £14 billion Strathclyde Pension Fund?

in Corporate
Rolling Stone Magazine famously called Goldman Sachs investment bank "a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into…
dickinson hurricane harvey

Texas city to citizens: no Hurricane Harvey aid unless they promise not to boycott Israel

in Governments
ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)19 October 2017 The city of Dickinson, Texas, is requiring applicants for Hurricane Harvey rebuilding funds to certify in writing that they…
Balfour portrait and declaration

The Balfour Declaration: A study in British duplicity

in Balfour to 1948
Avi ShlaimMiddle East Eye25 August 2017The Balfour Declaration, issued on 2 November 1917, was a short document which changed the course of history. It committed the British…

Scottish pro-Israel group welcomes takeover of Al Aqsa

in Friends of Israel
Do SNP and Labour members know how mad are one of the main organisers of the pro-Israel Shalom Festival in Edinburgh, which both party leaders, Nicola Sturgeon and Kezia Dugdale,…

We face an enemy with deep pockets & friends in high places

in Others
The Israeli Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs flew into London last week to enlist UK Government help to fight the BDS movement. Hand in hand with Israeli massacre…
krav maga

Violence at Israel ‘Peace Festival’ in Edinburgh Fringe

in The extreme right
The claim in the Jewish Chronicle of Nazi salutes at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Edinburgh on August 17th was pure invention. The smear is as ridiculous as it is unsurprising…
World Council of Churches

World Council of Churches slams Israeli injustice in Palestine

in Churches
WCC calls for member churches to recognize the danger of using scripture to in any way justify occupation Jimmy Powdrell CampbellEdinburgh7th July 2016 Representing over half a…

Police protect Barclays investments in death against symbols of death

in Corporate
Police Scotland seem to be lining up with Barclays Bank to prevent political activity on a public street against Barclays' $25m investments in arms giant Raytheon. Barclays…

Protest Co-op Bank threats to Palestine campaign accounts

in Corporate
Saturday 23rd & 30th January 2016 11am to 1pm Glasgow: Gordon Street Co-op Bank Corner of Mitchell St Edinburgh: George Street Co-op Bank between Hanover St & Frederick St The…

Boris Johnson on dress and academic standing

in Tories and New Labour
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, Tory Mayor of London and criminal conspirator, added his patrician voice to the numerous attacks on the BDS movement while on a trade mission…

Sadistic refusal of access to Britain for Gaza trauma sugeons to attend trauma conference

in Governments
UK decision to refuse Gaza medical experts from joining Kingston University conference condemned by campaignersJonathan OwenIndependent 10 Nov 2015 A decision by Britain to refuse…

Call to support refugees and oppose the racist SDL on Oct 3rd in Edinburgh

in The extreme right
Fighting against Zionism and other White supremacism: Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign calls on supporters of Palestinian freedom to support all refugee rights, and to…

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges: "Why I support BDS"

in Complicity
The Palestinians are poor. They are powerless. They have no voice or influence in the halls of power. They are demonized. They do not have well-heeled lobbyists doling out…

Military-grade Israeli surveillance technology deployed in Glasgow + Strathclyde Pension Fund investments in arms that Israel uses to slaughter Palestinians + what you can do about it

in Political
The Herald front page carried an exclusive yesterday (26 May) that Police Scotland are using ‘controversial face recognition software’ that ‘raises fresh fears over civil…
Made In Scotland, Dropped On Gaza

Glasgow man’s family massacred in Gaza – by Scottish technology

in Corporate
A Palestinian living in Glasgow had 11 members of his family massacred by Israeli bombs; the dead included five children. Laser guidance ‘smart’ systems made sure the Paveway II…

Glasgow City Council Press Office claims critics of sinister Israeli surveillance contract are "anti-Jewish"

in Governments
Big Brother is watching: Glasgow City Council partners with Israeli surveillance company to monitor ‘unusual behaviour’ among citizens City council spokesperson calls campaigners…
17 journalists killed

We must not sacrifice Palestinians in the hope of good community relations in Europe

in Governments
"It is noteworthy, and unhelpful, that while many Muslim leaders quickly condemned Al Qaeda’s Paris savagery, they find no public echo from the bulk of Jewish political leaders…
Inciting inter-communal hostility?

Labour's candidate for Minister of Communities and Social Justice is unfit for both roles

in Tories and New Labour
"Ken McIntosh as Labour Party candidate for Communities and Social Justice Minister in a Scottish Government sends a grim message to Scotland's Palestinian community, campaigners…
The main aim is clear

Using the poor for Zionist political ends on December 21st

in Friends of Israel
On December 21st, pro-Israeli groups are planning to deliver Israeli foodstuffs to homeless shelters and food banks as a way to undermine support for the Palestinian appeal for…
Sunday Mail sounds alarm

Surveillance company tied to Israeli military spying on Glasgow City Centre

in Others
Mick Napier12 November 2014"We…look forward to a continued partnership with the city of Glasgow…fully utilizing the capabilities that NICE Situator can provide.” Full utilisation…
Murphy with fellow members of Labour Friends of Israel

Jim Murphy: Champion of Apartheid

in Tories and New Labour
The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign strongly condemns the candidacy of Jim Murphy MP, former Chair and continuing member of Labour Friends of Israel, for the leadership of…
Scottish Minister for External Affairs, Humza Yousaf

'Scottish government will never join Israel boycott'

in Governments
A Scottish Government minister has pledged not to join the boycotts, divestments and sanctions campaign against Israel. Humza Yousaf told a Glasgow Jewish Representative Council…
july 17 2014

UK jihadis serve in Middle East military involved in war crimes

in Governments
"If European leaders are serious about preventing international fighters crossing their borders, or returning home with weapons training and a grudge to bear, they should pay…
Mass murder is sometimes "controversial"

Tony Blair joins in praise of Ariel Sharon

in Tories and New Labour
Tony Blair, the official representative of the Quartet (US, EU, Russia & UN) was among those heading the list of visitors who gathered outside Israel's parliament building for a…
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The Charity Commission allows sham charities; The Cup Trust and the Jewish National Fund

in Civil society
Charity Commission is protecting sham charities – not only tax scams for the wealthy but also ethnic cleansers of Palestine “William Shawcross, resigned as director of The Henry…
1936: British soldiers on armoured train with two Palestinian human shields

The shocking history of racism in most of the British Left on Zionism and Palestine

in The left
How the left supported ethnic cleansingby Mike Marqusee30 November 2013"The Arab Revolt of 1936-39 coincided with the Spanish Civil War. But whereas all sections of the British…

Scottish Government complicity in Israeli crimes

in Governments
We did not write concerning some 'escalation of violence in Gaza' - what weasel words to describe Israel's crimes against humanity, Palestinian humanity...You have pointedly…
Victim of Israeli terror bombing and shelling, November 12, Gaza

Mainstream media fails to report on atrocities against Gaza

in Media
By Noam Chomsky & others, recently returned from Gaza "Bias and dishonesty with respect to the oppression of Palestinians is nothing new in Western media and has been widely…
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond and Taub October 2012

Salmond's new U-turn on Israel

in Governments
Mick Napier2 November 2012 Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond met with Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub in Edinburgh shortly before Taub faced protests from students angry at his…
Regev was never challenged on his claims

The BBC told an outright lie about Rachel Corrie's death

in The BBC
BBC Radio 4's World at One yesterday, Tuesday 28th August, can be heard here for a week after transmission. The programme covered the verdict which exonerated the Israeli military…
lama  14

The Dalai Lama and Zionism - Tibet and Palestine

in Others
When Zionist youth leaders "travelled to India to help run a residential summer camp, they were invited to meet with the Dalai Lama, where they received his blessing for the…
The campaign has been effective, says Eden Springs

Scottish Government agency trying "to mitigate effects of a boycott" of Eden Springs

in Governments
In December 2008, the Zionist mouthpiece, Jerusalem Post, ran a damage-limitation piece accusing Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign of dishonesty in claiming that Israeli…
MacShane - a double fraud, with money and with phoney anti-Semitism

Denis MacShane - thief, bully and militant Zionist

in Friends of Israel
Mick Napier24 December 2013 Denis MacShane, Tony Blair's Europe minister, has been jailed for six months for stealing £13,000 in expenses fiddles while an MP. He was expelled from…
Murdoch and Israeli Finance Minister at Invest Israel Conference 10 Sep 2012

Rupert Murdoch - head of a criminal corporation - lying for Israel

in Media
Why I had to leave the TimesRobert Fisk 11 July 2011 Then, in the spring of 1983, an­other change. I had, with Dou­glas-Home's full agree­ment, spent months in­ves­ti­gat­ing the…
Savile in Israel in 1975

Jimmy Savile - pervert, abuser and Zionist hawk

in Friends of Israel
Jimmy Savile came to my batmitzvah By Jessica Elgot, November 3, 2011 He claimed to have "invented the disco", but Sir Jimmy Savile, the DJ and presenter who died last weekend,…
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Insider story of media's pro-Israel bias

in Media
Jonathan Cook On The Limits of Reporting on Israel-Palestine Probably like many other journalists, at some point in my childhood I fell in love with the idea of the crusading,…
Frankie Boyle

Stand-up comic Frankie Boyle stands up for Palestine and bites the hand that feeds him, hard

in The BBC
A stand-up's sharp take on the BBC and Palestine "I’ve been studying Israeli Army Martial Arts. I now know 16 ways to kick a Palestinian woman in the back. "The situation in…

A strange case of ethical schizophrenia – lamenting dispossession while celebrating the dispossessor

in Churches
by Mick Napier (Chair, Scottish PSC) & Marion Woolfson (Honorary President, Scottish PSC) 20 August 2009 The Festival of Spirituality and Peace, which opened in Edinburgh on…
Miliband and Lieberman got on very well

Today's inbox on Gaza: fresh evidence why 'God still couldn’t trust the b******s in the dark.'

in Tories and New Labour
British Government covering up for the crimes of its Israeli ally by Mick Napier 10 July 2009 British Government: The Israeli Navy ‘took control’ of the boat. Tr(anslation); No…
In Jerusalem, demolition of Palestinian homes usually clears the way for building Jewish-only colonies

Esti Sheinberg's article in the Edinburgh Star is naked racism against Palestinians and Muslims

in Friends of Israel
by Mick Napier Looking through some old files I saw a piece entitled For a Jewish, United Jerusalem written by one Esti Sheinberg in the June 2001 issue of the Edinburgh Star,…
If the smiles don't persuade you to do what we want...

Obama - a bow tie covering throat cancer

in Governments
Smile on the face of the tiger by John Pilger 11 June 2009 from The New Statesman Obama’s speech in Cairo on the Middle East peace process was seductive, but its content was as…
Gentiles hate Jews so colonise Palestine and get rid of the Palestinians

How Seven Religions couldn’t Provide One Moral Compass

in Churches
Scottish Interfaith Group’s Israeli Government-sponsored visit by Mick Napier (27 July, 2008) "A Scottish interfaith ‘pilgrimage’ to Israel, supported by the British and Israeli…
The BBC skews coverage in favour of Israel

Does the BBC think that Lebanese and Palestinians do not have families?

in Media
"You cannot hope to bribe or twist thank God! The British journalist. But, seeing what the man will do unbribed, there's no occasion to." Humbert Wolfe BBC discusses suffering of…
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20 no-go areas for the BBC on the issue of Israel & Palestine

in Media
Twenty Questions Radio / TV interviewers avoid asking about Israel.... Stuart Littlewood The Catholic priest in Gaza has been trapped there for 9 years knowing that if he visits…
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'Silence-for-Food' and sustainable apartheid and occupation

in Arab regimes
Palestine: The Programmed Failure of the "Silence-for-Food Program"By Julien Salingue, One year ago, as a consequence of the failed coup…

"I’m alive because there’s a temporary shortage of death" (John Berger: Undefeated Despair)

in Governments
John Berger January 2006 All this is clear; it is not happening in some remote, war-locked corner of the globe, every foreign office of every rich nation is watching and not one…
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Israel and the Media

in Media
In May, the Glasgow University Media Group, distinguished for its pioneering media analysis, published a study of the reporting of the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict. It ought to…
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BBC used as Mossad’s mouthpiece: John Ware and Panorama

in The BBC
BBC Panorama’s John Ware aired a documentary on 30 July 2006 aimed at showing how funds raised by British charity Interpal have helped Hamas. Subsequent criticisms of Ware have…
Hamas won the Palestinian elections by a wide margin

The crimes of Western governments are sowing dragon's teeth in the whole Arab world

in Governments
February 2006 It is impertinent of Western governments and pundits to criticise the democratic decision by the people of Palestine to evict the governing party and replace it with…

Noam Chomsky Talk: "Anti-Semitism, Zionism, and the Palestinians" - October 2002

in Governments
Friday 11 October 2002 The well-known linguist and critic of American foreign policy, Professor Noam Chomsky, gave a talk via live video link-up from MIT (Massachusetts Institute…

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