• Zionism & the Nazi Holocaust

    Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 - Remembering and drawing lessons

    We remember the legendary Marek Edelman, who was the last surviving commander of the ZOB, the Jewish Fighting Organisation, in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising...Edelman remained an…
  • Dead but not forgotten: a late obituary to Yitzhak Shamir (3rd from left) - a pro-Nazi who became Prime Minister of Israel
    Zionism & the Nazi Holocaust

    The Death of Yitzhak Shamir, pro-Nazi Zionist

    By Lenni Brenner Every major American daily newspaper ran an obituary upon the June 30 death of Yitzhak Shamir, Israel’s 7th Prime Minister, 1983-84 and 1986-92. Many said…
  • von Plehve
    Zionism & the Nazi Holocaust

    Zionism betrayed the Jews of WWII Europe

    Zionism and the Jews by Ralph Schoenman (chapter 6 of The Hidden History of Zionism) "The dirty secret of Zionist history is that Zionism was threatened by the Jews themselves.…
  • Medals struck to celebrate Zionist-Nazi collaboration
    Zionism & the Nazi Holocaust

    Zionist collaboration with the Nazis in the 1930's

    A Nazi travels to Palestine and tells about itLenni Brenner 3 May 2007 (SPSC note: the article is about 'collaboration' by certain leaders of Zionism with the Nazis. Collaboration…

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Israel and Settler Society by Lorenzo Veracini

The struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is not unique -- whatever the news media may suggest. Lorenzo Veracini argues that the conflict is best understood in terms of colonialism. Like many other societies, Israel is a settler society. Looking in detail at the evolution of other colonial regimes -- apartheid South Africa, French Algeria and Australia -- Veracini presents a thoughtful interpretation of the dynamics of colonialism, offering a clear framework within which to understand the middle east crisis.