Scottish TUC delegates join Palestine freedom struggle – unanimously!

in Scotland
The delegates to the Annual Conference of the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC), the umbrella group for every trade union in Scotland, today voted unanimously and repeatedly…

Scottish council joins worldwide calls for boycott of Israeli goods

in Scotland
Contact your Councillors, organise fellow constituents to meet with them and make sure they join the campaign for human rights and against apartheid and that your Council supports…
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Scottish Zionists claim TUC vote for justice was racist

in Scotland
by Mick Napier With two votes against, 400 delegates at the 2009 Scottish Trade Union Congress in Perth voted on Wednesday for BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions against…

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Israel and Settler Society by Lorenzo Veracini

The struggle between Israel and the Palestinians is not unique -- whatever the news media may suggest. Lorenzo Veracini argues that the conflict is best understood in terms of colonialism. Like many other societies, Israel is a settler society. Looking in detail at the evolution of other colonial regimes -- apartheid South Africa, French Algeria and Australia -- Veracini presents a thoughtful interpretation of the dynamics of colonialism, offering a clear framework within which to understand the middle east crisis.