A Palestinian living in Glasgow had 11 members of his family massacred by Israeli bombs; the dead included five children. Laser guidance ‘smart’ systems made sure the Paveway II bombs hit his family’s home in Khan Younis early in the morning on August 1st last summer. The components are made in Fife, at the Glenrothes Raytheon factory. Parts for Israeli weapons used in periodic massacres of Palestinians are also made in Glasgow, Edinburgh and many parts of Scotland.

Made In Scotland, Dropped On GazaThe Scottish Government called for an arms embargo during the massacres last summer; the conference in Glasgow on Saturday May 9th, Ending Scottish Arms Trade with Israel, will hear about the extent of this vile trade and how it can be challenged.

Many Scottish pension funds, including all twelve of the local authority pension funds across Stratchlyde invest in Raytheon and other merchants of death. This can be stopped and you can play a part.

Of all the varied support we can give to Palestine, nothing is more important, more wished for, more human, than stopping the trade in the weapons that Israel uses to murder Palestinians.

You can

  • register now and attend the conference Ending Scottish Arms Trade with Israel
  • distribute some leaflets among friends and contacts.
  • help us to leaflet events and gatherings in your locality
  • offer a bed on Fri/Sat 8/9 May to people attending the conference from a distance
  • help out on the day – much to be done
    Just text 0795 800 2591 to offer help

    Original piece at www.esati.org

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