According to the Herald on Sunday, "It wasn't much fun being an Israeli footballer at Tynecastle yesterday. Lashed by the rain, barracked by pro-Palestinian demonstrators – and seven goals down at half-time...against a noisy backdrop of protests about the imprisonment of Palestinian footballers. The Israeli national anthem was jeered, and the players booed...the demonstrators' chants for Scotland to score 10"

"Free Mahmoud Sarsak" was interspersed throughout ninety minutes of non-stop chanting with "Without guns, you're rubbish" and multiple versions of "Boycott apartheid Israel".  The protestors warned the Scottish players of I200 Palestine supporters opposing Israeli apartheid
srael's habit of calling in an air strike when losing in a fair fight.

Despite incessant heavy rain, an important demonstration in defence of asylum seekers on the same day, and Lothian and Borders Police reneging on a widely-reported agreement with the protest organisers earlier in the week to allow banners into the stadium, 200 Scots protested without cease for ninety minutes against Israeli internment of Palestinian football players, and the imprisonment and violation of Palestine.  A 2-minute video clip here.

One Zionist weekly, the Jewish Chronicle, reported that "a group of around 200 anti-Israel protesters...booed the Israelis' every touch and chanted anti-Israel slogans for the duration of the match. The Israeli national anthem was also booed before kick-off."

The same paper quoted one Israeli player: "I knew before we came that there would be protests and something would happen...Uefa needs to act on" what she called "abuse", a bit rich from a team with many soldiers who abuse Palestinians routinely.

The player, Radman, went on: "It was not an easy experience. We were upset...The protests are very damaging...after the game I wanted to get to the locker-room quickly. We should not have to worry about things that are political; we just want to play...In France we had people Israeli player Sapir Kadori off the fieldinvade the pitch"

Scotland on Sunday reported that "the Israel side...endured a seriously uncomfortable afternoon. A crowd of about 100 protesters had joined the Tynecastle crowd, protesting against the alleged illegal detention of Palestine footballers. It's a campaign backed by Eric Cantona and was highlighted recently by FIFA president Sepp Blatter and by the world players' union FIFPro. Not only did the protesters boo the Israeli national anthem, they jeered virtually every time one of the visiting players touched the ball and chanted throughout the match."

 After the final whistle, two Israeli officials accompanied a lone player onto the pitch to thank their two remaining supporters. Unable to control his fury, possibly because there were no military checkpoints or even a torture chamber to deal with those who taunt Israeli soldiers, one of the Israeli officials made a middle-finger gesture to the terraces, very poor from a sporting ambassador.  A complaint will be lodged against this official; Scottish club managers have been disciplined for the same offence.

There were further protests when Israel played Wales' women's team in Wrexham on Wednesday evening.

Israel had virtually no supporters - pathetically clear from the view of the away fans section.  The increasing reluctance to be seen to be supporting Lieberman and Netanyahu's apartheid state has been noted by UK Zionists.  In the same way that all events organised by the racist JNF (Jewish National Fund) in London or elsewhere in the UK have to be organised in great secrecy, the same goes for sporting Fewer than ten Israel supporters
ambassadors of the Israeli state.

Human rights activists and BDS supporters only discovered through the pages of the ultra-Zionist Jewish Telegraph, and after the event, that an Israeli bowling team had played against a Scottish team at Kingswood Bowling Club in Glasgow last week. Please call or text the Secretary of Kingswood Bowling Club, Michael George, on 07939 228 117 or email and tell him courteously that you object to Kingswood Bowling club hosting an Israeli team at the same time that Israel denies Palestinians enough water to maintain their crops.

Individual Israelis without any record of human rights violation are welcome in Scotland, but any sporting or cultural outfit linked to the apartheid State squeezing the life out of Palestine will most definitely be protested.

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top - protestors 
middle - Israel team player Kadori in her more usual attire.
below - 6 or 7 demoralised Israel supporters in the away section of the stadium





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