The IHRA definition and the racist State of Israel

in Free Speech on Palestine
Regardless of who endorses the IHRA definition of antisemitism, Israel is a racist state. Massacre and ethnic cleansing of the native Palestinian people birthed the State of…

Revealed: Lies & Sinister Tactics of the Israel Lobby in Scotland

in Free Speech on Palestine
Last month’s Al Jazeera exposé The Lobby revealed the length supporters of Israel are going to in their attempts to suppress free speech on Palestine and BDS (the Palestinian-led…

Media Release: Public enquiry needed into Israeli Embassy black-ops

in Free Speech on Palestine
Media Release: Public enquiry needed into Israeli embassy black-opsSunday 8th January 2017 [Image left: Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev meeting with SNP MPs at Westminster, October…
latuff antisemitism 1

BBC's statistics programme demolished Zionist antisemitism claims

in Free Speech on Palestine
BBC Radio 4's weekly statistics programme took 10 minutes in January 2015 to examine and demolish absurd Zionist claims that massively exaggerated popular antisemitism in the UK…
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ALERT: all-party attack on free speech for Palestine

in Free Speech on Palestine
A report published today by the all-party Home Affairs Select Committee unanimously recommends limits on political free speech. The six Tory MPs, three New Labour and one SNP are…
August in Edinburgh

Zionist censorship & mobilisation for Edinburgh Fringe

in Free Speech on Palestine
The pro-Israel gang are working across the UK to support their one-day effort during the Edinburgh Fringe to openly promote the apartheid State of Israel as a beacon of tolerance.…

Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticize and Boycott Israel?

in Free Speech on Palestine
"...nowadays legislatures in Europe and North America condemn and occasionally outlaw peaceful boycott of Israel (BDS) as anti-Semitic. In doing so they explicitly link Jews of…
Crime and duty

Palestinians and their supporters will not be silenced by Zionist-inspired accusations of 'anti-semitism'

in Free Speech on Palestine
Recent weeks have seen a corrdinated series ofattacks on supporters of Palestinian freedom as supposedly 'anti-semitic'. Political positions both serious and whimsical, but not…
college of policing logo

British police guidance equates anti-Zionism with ‘new anti-Semitism’

in Free Speech on Palestine
The College of Policing, a body which sets standards for police in England and Wales, is being urged to revise its guidance on hate crime, which equates anti-Zionism with “a new…

Anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia and allegation of anti-Jewish racism

in Free Speech on Palestine
In the June 2001 issue of the Edinburgh Star, ‘Journal of the Edinburgh Jewish Community’, available in Edinburgh Central Library, Esti Sheinberg wrote that, ’The Jewish passion…

Supporters of Israeli mass murder are hurt by criticism - claim 'anti-semitism' yet again

in Free Speech on Palestine
In a carefully chosen legal ruling that supporters of Israeli ethnic cleansing and massacre need to reflect on before bleating about the anger they arouse for their political…

SPSC statement on recent moves to criminalise pro-Palestine political ideas

in Free Speech on Palestine
"Our struggle against the massacres of Palestinians is conducted by exclusively peaceful means but it must be a struggle, a determined struggle, against a well-resourced and…

SPSC fights smears of 'anti-semitism' as part of campaign for Palestinian freedom

in Free Speech on Palestine
As the mass murder in Palestine continues, pro-Israel campaigners are reluctant to discuss what's going on in Israel/Palestine. They much prefer to change the subject, away from…

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