Support Palestine - Stand Up to All Racism

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UPDATE as of Friday morning 16 March We need a victory of courage over fear - as Palestinians show every day The depraved racist views of COFIS (Confederation of Friends of Israel…

Three submissions to 'Review' but no submission to attacks on free speech

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Update 29 January 2018 Lord Bracadale is expected to publish his report and recommendations in Spring 2018. The Hate Crime Legislation Review group has not yet published the…
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The Fight Goes On: Resisting the attack on support for Palestine

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On Monday, 11th Sept, at Aberdeen Sheriff Court, Sheriff Charlotte Coutts found SPSC member Ally Coutts (no relation) guilty of ‘acting in a racially aggravated manner with intent…
SPSC 4 0 Zionists

Scoreboard: SPSC 4 - 0 ScottishPFs (with two 'games' to go)

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" May 2010 then-First Minister Alex Salmond rightly attacked the idea that Scottish Jews "should be judged or affected by the policies of Israel. The Jewish community is not…
SPSC Banner Stop Israeli War Crimes at Glasgow Sheriff Court

Support Scottish activists on 'racially aggravated' charges for protesting Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics thieves

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Support two SPSC members - Jim Watson and - I, on trial for 'racism' on Wednesday April 27th and Friday April 29th in Court 10 of Glasgow Sheriff Court. The effort by Zionists and…

Pro-Israel organisations and Crown on the defensive as Sheriff throws out charge against Palestine campaigner

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3 February 2016, Kilmarnock Sheriff Court Sheriff Watson dismissed a charge of assault against Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Scottish PSC) member Mick Napier today…

4 reasons the “anti-Semitism” attacks on Jeremy Corbyn are dishonest

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It was inevitable, shocking but not surprising. A determined opponent of all racism, Jeremy Corbyn is smeared by pro-Israel Blairites and the same pro-Israel media that helped…

Scottish Zionist claims of anti-semitism get weirder

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"One constant of political Zionism is the smearing of their victims, the mantra that Palestinian resistance to Israeli ethnic cleansing means wanting to "drive the Jews into the…
Scottish Rabbi with official Jewish kosher tartan

Another 'Project Fear' attacks Scottish civil society as anti-semitic and urges Scottish Jews to leave for Israel/Palestine

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It is an axiom of political Zionism that Jews cannot live safely anywhere outside Israel and those who do so are inferior to those who emigrate to Israel (olim) to take part in…
Prof. Jake Lynch

Zionists attempt to criminalise support for BDS

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Professor Jake Lynch of Sydney University is the subject of legal proceedings initiated by an Israel-based organisation using allegations of racism in an attempt to criminalise…
Jerusalem Post journalist on a story

Correspondence between SPSC and Jerusalem Post

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"It is another matter altogether, a matter of very poor journalism, to ignore the views of the St Andrews police, the Hotel which cancelled the fundraiser, and the clear statement…
Jeremy Newmark - publicly branded a liar

Fraser v UCU: Zionists legal attack repulsed and attackers routed

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Ten complaints of "antisemitic" harassment were brought by a UCU member, Ronnie Fraser, who is Director of Academic Friends of Israel and fights the union's policy of support for…
Anti-Israeli crimes, possibly even anti-Zionist

Israeli diplomat: "Every appearance by an official Israeli representative in Scotland is like a visit to enemy territory"

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Does Scotland manage to be anti-Israel without being anti-Semitic?Anshel Pfeffer in Glasgow Haaretz 2 November 2012 No one I spoke to there seems to have ever personally…
Ken MacIntosh MSP - invented 'anti-Semitic' incident

Police checks showed Ken McIntosh was lying

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Having publicly alleged an ‘attack on Jewish people’ and feigning ‘outrage’, you subsequently lost interest in defending your allegation, claiming, “I cannot find the original…
Ephraim Borowski (r) of ScoJeC, one of the authors of the libels

Those who accuse the UCU of anti-Semitism have a record of reckless accusations

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Ephraim Borowski and SCoJeC's dishonesty "It is indicative of the dishonesty of SCoJeC officers involved in this affair, the lengths they will travel to smear opponents, that the…
Mick Napier - 'wrongly' arrested, handcuffed and injured by Lothian & Borders Police

3 years later: police prepare to make apology but still lie in statement to press

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Today's Scotsman editorial slams inadequate police response by Lothian & Borders Police to the Police Complaints Commission Scotland (PCCS) ruling that they apologise to Scottish…
'Israeli authors on library shelves, but a Council boycott of Israeli companies', says Cllr. Jim Bollan

Scottish Council firm against demented Zionist hysteria

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"During the Israeli mass killings of Operation Cast Lead, West Dunbartonshire Council passed a motion to support the appeal from Palestinian civil society for a campaign of…
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Embargo: Tuesday May 10th 2011. Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Media Release ISRAEL CRITICS FACE “RACISM” CHARGE Two St Andrews University students facing racially…
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Friday 15th October 2010 Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign: Media Release FRENCH CONSULATE PROTESTED OVER PERSECUTION OF “BOYCOTT ISRAEL” ACTIVISTS. The French Consulate in…
Israel dropped high explosives and white phosphorous on the people of Gaza

Zionist leader attacks judge who acknowledged murderous nature of Israel's Gaza massacres

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Call for re-trial after 'shocking' summing-up Marcus Dysch, 15 July 15 The full transcript has been revealed for the first time of a judge's summing-up in the trial of seven…
SCoJeC had to pulp 6,000 copies of their libellous first version

Zionist 'leaders' of Scottish Jewish community under attack for fabricating anti-Semitism wave

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Article in the Guardian, Scottish antisemitism row is divisive The row reported in the Guardian is highly significant. The row it refers to is linked to the long-term campaigning…
If talk of Kosher sausages is racist, who dare talk of haggis?

Scottish Zionists alleged "anti-Semitic" cartoon outrage

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Desperate Scottish Zionist leaders accused SPSC of running anti-Semitic cartoonMick Napier May 30, 2010 It is an axiom of Zionism, predating even the focus on dispossessing…
Auschwitz survivor Dr Halo Meyer in solidarity with two of the accused outside Edinburgh Sheriff Court

'Racism' case against five SPSC members ridiculed and thrown out

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Criminalising solidarity; 'racism' case thrown out1st May 2010 A legal attempt to stifle solidarity action with Palestine through boycott fails in Edinburgh Sheriff Court.5…
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Israel Information Office in Scotland: Criticising Israel is Racist

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According to the Jewish Telegraph and Ezra Golombok of the Israel Information Office in Scotland: THERE has been a steady increase in support for the Palestinians in Scotland in…
Auschwitz survivor Hajo Meyer: "Charges were ridiculous."

Was Boycotting Apartheid South Africa Anti-White?

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The background Five SPSC members interrupted a concert by the Israeli musicians and sponsored cultural ambassadors of the State of Israel, the Jerusalem Quartet, during their Aug…
A supposedly anti-Semitic cartoon according to Scottish Zionists

'The boycott of Israeli academic institutions is... a moral duty rather than a moral offence.'

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Tom Hickey is a Principle Lecturer in Aesthetics and Political Economy at the University of Brighton and member of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP)…

The ‘SPSC 5’ are facing trumped-up political charges of ‘racism’

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Far from being driven by malice towards Jews or Israelis, the rising world-wide campaign of BDS is driven by anger at the crimes of the Israeli State and its supporting Zionist…
Caledonian Hotel, Edinburgh: to be known as Israeli-owned is 'incredibly damaging to our client'

Caledonian Hotel hires Anthony Julius' firm to muzzle SPSC

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"Our only defence against such wealthy and powerful opponents is that we are telling the truth: Anthony Julius is a racist because he suppports the racist Jewish State of Israel…
Despite Shamir's entreaties, the thugs of the EDL and BNP still attracted to Israel's record of killing Palestinians

Israel Shamir admires the BNP, Hitler and Gilad Atzmon

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Why the Campaign of solidarity with Palestinians must never admit the extreme right Mick Napier 02 March 2007 "Palestinians need mass support – it won’t come by associating…

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