In December 2008, the Zionist mouthpiece, Jerusalem Post, ran a damage-limitation piece accusing Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign of dishonesty in claiming that Israeli water cooler company and human rights violator, Eden Springs, was suffering a string of contract cancellations as a result of a boycott campaign. The Israeli “quality” daily scorned the idea, claiming that SPSC had “fabricated” the entire story. The Jerusalem Post recycled this allegation verbatim in several other stories attacking SPSC.  The intrepid reporter didn't care to ask Eden Springs what had happened to their depot at 4, Dryden Place, Loanhead EH20 9HP.

The campaign has been effective, says Eden SpringsFrom the accompanying letter of 28.07.09, it is clear that SPSC were right all along and that it was the Jerusalem Post that was whistling in the dark. Jack Perry, the CEO of Scottish Enterprise, is responding to a letter to the Scottish Government agency from Eden Springs of twelve days earlier which had raised “the recent difficulties that Eden Springs UK has been experiencing as a result of a campaign by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign”.

Perry is keen to help Eden Springs survive in Scotland, but concedes that even a Scottish Government agency wishing to assist the Scottish branch of an Israeli human rights violator “is limited in the action it can take to mitigate the effects of a boycott on the company”.

So there we are: popular boycott of Israeli companies is biting, and Israeli apologists lie even as they deny we are being effective.






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