A strong and clear voice for Palestinian freedom

JULY: Archbishop Atallah Hanna of Jerusalem

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"Our religions do not divide us; as Palestinians we are proud of Christianity as we are proud of Islam. We are proud of the Palestinian Christian as we are… read full post
The siege of Gaza, enforced by Israel, Egypt, and the EU

Israel must be forced to end its collective punishment

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SPSC calls for intensified solidarity with Palestine as Israeli occupation forces perpetrate yet another illegal collective punishment against the Palestinian people. Since the kidnapping and killing… read full post

Scotland and Palestine

The 5th of June marked what Palestinians call Al Naksa (the Setback), referring to the 1967 War when the Israeli forces demolished homes and villages, displaced hundreds of thousands, and occupied… read full post

British Zionists concede horror of occupation, despair at Israel's pariah status

Take a lawyer's advice - visit the occupied territoriesBy David Middleburgh,Jewish Chronicle 24 January 2014 "...conviction rates are 99.7 per cent...there is no longer any point in fighting for… read full post
Aberdeen City Council flies the Palestinian flag on UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Zionists claim flying the Palestine flag is breaking the law!

In line with Aberdeen's history of opposition to global injustice and inequality, on November 29th Aberdeen City Council supported the UN's Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by flying the… read full post
Israel has killed more than 1,300 children in Gaza since 2000

Israeli drones killing Palestinian children

Save the children from Israel's deadly dronesby Brad Parker, Defence of Children InternationalAl Jazeera 27 November 2013 Mahmoud Khousa was 13 when he died. He was killed last November by an Israeli… read full post
Palestinians of course. Israeli Jews would never be subjected to this

Why Israel is special, a special form of apartheid

Does Uri Avnery know so little about Israel? Jonathan Cook26 October 2013 I"'d love Avnery to point out the European state where, like Israel, 93 per cent of the land has been nationalised for one… read full post
Prawer Plan: Ethnic Cleansing of the Naqab Bedouin

Ethnic Cleansing of the Naqab in 2013: Is the Wood Group powering the ‘Prawer Plan?

The 'Prawer Plan' The ‘Prawer Plan’ is the innocuous sounding name for the biggest project of ethnic cleansing carried out by Israel since 1967 and so far, it is receiving scant attention by the… read full post
SPSC Edinburgh members leaflet General Assembly delegates, 23 May 2013

Church of Scotland General Assembly slams Israeli apartheid and land theft - suggests BDS needed

The Inheritance of Abraham? A report on the 'promised land' is a ground-breaking report by the Church and Society Council that was overwhelmingly agreed this weekend at the annual General Assembly of… read full post