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SPSCsummer2013newsletterSPSCsummer2013newsletterSPSC newsletter is a quarterly publication, aimed at spreading the word about current campaigns and initiatives in solidarity with Palestinians, the victims of gross human rights abuses perpetrated by the Zionist occupation with the complicity of the UK government. Please click to view previous issues.

The SPSC Summer Newsletter is now out.  Content:

  • 'Entering the danger zone: Gaza under fire again' by Rafat Abushaban
  • 'Zionism as a settler colonial project' by Mick Napier
  • 'Planned protests force cancellation of JNF and Friends of the IDF fundraiser in St Andrews'
  • 'Why I joined SPSC'
  • 'No man's land' by Emma Eaton
  • 'Reopen al-Shuhada street' by Zayneb Ashalalfeh
  • 'Crushing defeat for Israel lobby as anti-boycott litigation fails in UK' by Asa Winstanley
  • 'The Russell Tribunal: the verdict over Israeli human rights violations' by Ronnie Barkan
  • 'Land Day and the Jewish National Fund'
  • 'The Almond Tree' reviewed by Phil Chetwynd
  • 'Culture and solidarity - a photograher's view'
  • 'Twitter trending campaign in support of Palestinian prisoners' by Winslie Gomez
  • 'Lobbying the good, the bad and the ugly' by Mick Napier

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Newsletters will also be available at Scottish PSC stalls and events around Scotland.

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