... Scottish Government strongly discourages trade with illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  “The exploitation of assets in illegal settlements by any company is likely to constitute “grave professional misconduct” for the purposes of procurement legislation.


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Why pick on Israel?
The Zionist flag
Israel Under Attack?
Israel is new South Africa as boycott calls increase
What they said about Israel & Palestine - Betrand Russel
Amnesty International calls for Israel to be brought to the International Criminal Court
Labour MP Friend of Israel admits Israel is a dirty brand
Israel strives to re-brand image
Visit Israel - we're 'cool, hip and cultured' savages
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Marketing a new image
Israel’s image in the world: rock 'bottom by a wide margin'
Why the Israeli brand is toxic
Friends of Israel: support for Israel has eroded dramatically on American campuses
British Zionists concede horror of occupation, despair at Israel's pariah status
Analysis of Kidnapping Case: The Corporate Media and Ethnic Cleansing
Shattering Israel's image of 'democracy'
The 'racist abomination' central to Israeli 'democracy'
"Living in a house which was taken from the owners is stealing. It's that simple."
The genocidal settlers of Itamar, an illegal settlement in the occupied West Bank
Glasgow professor plans joint work with Israeli 'designer of regime of human rights abuses'
New UN map charts reality of West Bank
This Road is for Jews Only (Shulamit Aloni on apartheid in Israel)
"We Are All Victims of the Occupation" (Nurit Peled-Elhanan on Israeli Army Murder and Cover-up)
Daniel Day-Lewis report from Gaza
Israel's ambassador & Scottish PSC Chair on Gaza
All-Scottish Emergency Demonstration - End the Gaza Massacres
16 Palestinians, including 4 children, killed in one week
SPSC film: The Killing of Iman al Hams
Palestine 2007: Genocide in Gaza, Ethnic Cleansing in the West Bank
When Genocide is Undeniable
Hebron settlers celebrate 1994 mosque massacre of Muslim worshippers that closed Shuhada Street
Israeli snipers still targetting and killing children
Israeli drones killing Palestinian children
Israeli sniper Mor Ostrovski confirms his comrades' child-killing culture
Israeli killers on trial in Turkey
Eye-witness to Sabra and Shatilla massacre
Israeli soldiers kill innocent Palestinians with official protection
B'Tselem statistics - Fatalities 29.9.2000-26.12.2008
"What we did was insane and monstrous, we covered entire towns in cluster bombs,"
A day in the 64-year life of Israel's ethnic cleansing programme
"Soldiers emptied all the money, in dinars, shekels and dollars, in plastic bags and left"
National Demo: Glasgow, Sunday, 1pm
Israeli mass demo calling for mass killings of Arabs
What they said about Israel - Einstein warns of "fascist" tradition that led to Netanyahu
Mercaz HaRav - a training centre for illegal occupation, murder and "Arabs to the Gas Chambers"
Israel rejects international conference on nuclear-free Middle East
These paranoids have nuclear weapons, courtesy of the West
British architects vote to expel Israel from international union
Israel's history of killing Palestinian leaders
Corrupt Israeli archaeology in the service of ethnic cleansing
Biblical stories are uncorroborated
Out in the cold from another world body: Israelis complain Palestinian names being used in Palestine
Why Israel should be expelled from the World Archeological Congress (2)
Why Israel should be expelled from the World Archaeological Congress
Israeli military checkpoints prevent Palestinian cultural event
Israel's war on Palestinian culture
Armed Israeli police close theatre on first night of Palestinian festival
Threats on Hakawati,the Palestinian National Theater
Israeli authorities ban Palestinian Cultural Festival
Letter to Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond on Holocaust Memorial Day Trust
Holocaust commemoration and mass killings of Palestinians
British Government censors mention of Palestine as 'offensive'
HMD Trust refuses to publicise meeting with Auschwitz survivor
Rabbi, ex-settler, denounces political exploitation of Nazi Holocaust by some US Jewish leaders
Holocaust Memorial Day official censors Jim Allen's play Perdition
Zionist Holocaust Denial: ADL fires Director who acknowledges Armenian Holocaust
Germans faced up to the Nazi past - they can help Israel own up to the Nakba ('Catastrophe')
How Europe commemorates the Nazi Holocaust by supporting Israeli genocide in Gaza
Howard Zinn: Commemorate the Nazi Holocaust by Fighting for Justice for Palestinians
Israeli oppression of religious minorities - Muslims
Israeli oppression of religious minorities - Christians
Illegal settlers burn Mosque in West Bank
"We Christians of Palestine have been under occupation for many long years" - Fr. Musallam in Gaza
UN condemns Israel's widespread use of torture
The prevalence of torture in 1988
Flood of complaints at Israeli President of World Medical Association condoning torture
Israeli 'left' and right have never conceded equal rights to Palestinians
Debate between Israeli spokesman, a Palestinian, and a BDS activist
The Independent; pogroms and apartheid in a land "for the White Man"
Is Israel an apartheid state? South Africa legal study results