... Scottish Government strongly discourages trade with illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.  “The exploitation of assets in illegal settlements by any company is likely to constitute “grave professional misconduct” for the purposes of procurement legislation.

Palestinian academic, Samia al Botmeh, explains the value & effectiveness of academic boycott

Palestinian academic, Samia al Botmeh, talks about the effectiveness of academic boycott of Israel.
In conversation with Mike Cushman on 27 April 2008

  • Israeli military occupation devastates Palestinian education
  • Israeli occupation is targetting the education sector as part of their ethnic cleansing programme
  • Israeli pressure to drive academics abroad is harming Palestinian society
  • 95 Bir Zeit students and faculty are in prison, most of them indefinitely without trial
  • Israeli academia is a full and integral part of the Israeli occupation
  • futility of other 'solutions' mean boycott is essential
  • Palestinians used by Israelis internationally to polish their image
  • 'constructive engagement' with Israel is an illusion
  • the academic boycott is extremely effective - it is already beginning to annoy the Israelis
  • no Israeli academic institution has ever condemned the occupation
  • Israel withdraws citizenship from
  • Palestinians to shatter families and lives

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