• The Israeli view of Obama as the settlers' freind
    Successful ethnic cleansing?

    Israel's next steps in th ethnic cleansing programme 1948 - 20??

    If settlements are 'legal', the ground is laid for annexationJonathan Cook Jul 18, 2012 Recent European Union reports have used unprecedented language to criticise Israel for the…
  • Refugees on the move in 1948: the enthnic cleansing has never stopped
    Successful ethnic cleansing?

    Israel's Dark Future

    by Jonathan Cookantiwar.com 20 January 2007 When I published my book Blood and Religion last year, I sought not only to explain what lay behind Israeli policies since the failed…
  • Raed Salah: "Israel is preparing the ground to complete the ethnic cleansing of its Palestinian citizens"
    Successful ethnic cleansing?

    Israel preparing to complete the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians

    Interview with Raed Salah in Middle East Monitor: 14 June 2011 In an exclusive interview with the Middle East Monitor, the head of the Islamic movement in Israel, Shaykh Raed…

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