Israeli court's 7th administrative detention of Palestinian mother

Israeli courts renew the administrative detention of Nora Hashlamoun, 37, for the seventh consecutive time. Hashlamoun went on hunger strike last December for 27 consecutive days in order to demand the non-renewal of her administrative detention and her immediate release, where she spent more than two years under administrative detention without any charge being leveled against her.

The Telmond prison administration transferred her to solitary confinement

She suffered from a kidney disease as a result of medical negligence practiced by the prison administration against Palestinian prisoners.

Hashlamoun's administrative detention is in contravention of all international conventions
Article 14 of the international covenant on civil and political rights states that every prisoner has a right to public trial.

Hashlamoun has six children, the youngest is a one-year-and-half-old baby, left behind without a breadwinner, as her husband Mohamed Al-Hashlamoun is also a prisoner in Israeli jails.

A statement issued by prisoners of Hamas, Fatah, Islamic Jihad and the Popular Front condemned escalating Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank, expressing at the same time their optimism that the victory over the Israeli occupation is certainly coming.

Full report from PIC (Palestine Information Centre)

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