• Shafir explains why Israel is the product of a settler colonial project, European Zionism
    What is Zionism?

    Zionism as a settler colonial project

    Land, Labor and the Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 1882-1914 By Gershon Shafir [Shafir] "excavated the impact of settler colonial thinking in Europe upon the early…
  • Sharett was the 'moderate' wing of the Zionist ethnic cleansing programme
    What is Zionism?

    Zionism has a built-in imperative towards ethnic cleansing

    Erasures by Gabriel PiterbergNew Left Review 10, July-August 2001How the founding myths of Israel dictated conceptual removal of Palestinians, during and after physical removal.…
  • The_Promise
    What is Zionism?

    The Promise

    Watch this fantastic Channel 4 portrayal of the tragedy that is Zionism. Watch through the 4 on Demand site
  • blood religion
    What is Zionism?

    Jonathan Cook: Blood and Religion: Unmasking Zionism

    Journalist and writer Jonathan Cook: www.jkcook.net. Blood and Religion: Unmasking Zionism. Part 1 Blood and Religion: Unmasking Zionism. Part 2 Blood and Religion: Unmasking…

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