The suspension of Ken Livingston from the Labour Party is the most dramatic scalp obtained by the pro-Israel lobby in the Labour Party. Ken Livingston was apparently suspended from the Labour Party for alleged anti-semitism, actually for daring to speak honestly about the crimes of the State of Israel. Labour MP John Mann, who supports every Israeli massacre and crime against the Palestinian people, called the ex-Mayor of London a 'Nazi apologist'

The allegations of anti-semitism are intended to protect the genocidal State of Israel from criticism because any focus on the activities of Israel will reveal war crimes and crimes against humanity. Shouting anti-semitism at critics aims to silence them, but even if that ultimately fails it serves to shift attention away from discussion of Israeli crimes for a period, during which the crimes continue.

The conflation of anti-semitism with anti-Zionism has a very long history, for the settler-colonial project to dispossess and remove the indigenous people of Palestine and replace them with Jewish settlers also had to 'disappear' the Palestinian people from public awareness in the West, and reinvent them as 'terrorists' attacking those nice people who lived in the villages and towns from which they had been driven into refugee camps.

Opposition to the colonial programme of Zionism is a democratic political position, arguing for the dismantling of the Israeli apartheid system - the separate roads, schools, laws, eligibility for torture, freedom to travel and work - and freedom for the violated Palestinian people.

Zionists - for the moment let's say those who support the State of Israel - are becoming increasingly open in conflating  the democratic politics of anti-Zionism and the species of racism that ordinary people mean by the term 'anti-semitism'. The College of Policing in England and Wales recently advised police officers that “the ongoing political conflict between Israel and Palestine has led to a new antisemitism, sometimes also referred to as anti-Zionism.” Tony Blair's ally Lord Levy was given air time to assert that attacks on Israel were a cover for people driven by hatred of Jews


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Zionism is anti-semitic from its inception until today

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