MP Fabian Hamilton: hard to defend Israel
Jessica Elgot, Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 2010

The Labour MP for Leeds North East, Fabian Hamilton, says it is becoming more and more difficult to defend Israel in the House of Commons.  The long-serving Jewish MP represents Alwoodley, Moortown and Roundhay, home to the majority of Leeds' 8,000 Jews.

Fabian Hamilton, corrupt pro-Israel advocateHe said: "Labour Friends of Israel is still quite strong, as are the Conservatives. But there is a stronger pro-Palestinian lobby too. Some of Israel's mistakes have really strengthened them...

Mr Hamilton said he loved the country..."I want Israel to be admired, not just by Jews, but by Muslims and everyone.  That's not happening right now, and the Israelis don't give a damn...It's awful to hear what some people think of Israel...I love Israel, and we are losing the front..."

 Full article in Jewish Chronicle, 5 August 2010

PS Fabian Hamilton was one of the majority of MPs who had their snouts in the Parliamentary expenses trough and had to pay back money they had dishonestly obtained from the British taxpayer. Hamilton overclaimed for his mortgage while living with his mother — before flipping properties to do up two different homes at public expense.  He designated his mother's house as his main residence while over-charging taxpayers by thousands for a mortgage on his family home in Leeds.

Hamilton said: "The mortgage claims were quite an accident...I didn’t realise I was claiming until the fees office pointed it out...It was an oversight on my part. I offered to pay it back."

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