“Many killings of Palestinian children by Israeli armed forces have been unlawful…and meet the definition of crimes against humanity under international Law” (Amnesty Report, 20 November 2004)
Israeli “crimes against humanity” have long been public, while British Government support for Israel continues despite a popular opinion that is hostile to the Apartheid State and its “crimes against humanity”.

Mick Napier
29 December 2015

The challenge is huge; Scottish and UK weapons continue to flow to the Israeli military. As with any other settler-colonial project, extreme violence and a tendency to genocide is built-in to Zionism. The Egyptian dictatorship matches its Israeli ally in brutality, preventing Palestinians from escaping the Gaza concentration zone. Only a united and determined campaign linking and organising across Scotland, the UK and internationally can hope to defeat Israel's genocidal plans. SPSC aims to play its part in building it. Join us in that endeavour.

Ar Ram checkpointA recent report in the Herald, On the frontline with the Palestinian Red Crescent, describes Israeli soldiers shooting unarmed demonstrators in Gaza who posed no threat to them. It adds to the public record of calculated Israeli murder of Palestinian children and adults. Cameron and successive UK governments know what they’re doing in supporting Israel; they will continue to do so until they are forced to change by an enraged public opinion that they fear. Real change has always been forced from reluctant rulers - the savage public schoolboys currently running Britain are no exception.

SPSC has been effective at what we do, mainly by focussing our very modest forces on specific targets, e.g. against the Israeli State’s Brand Israel deployment of cultural troupes to whitewash the crimes of its uniformed troops, consistent protests against the racist JNF (Jewish National Fund) in Scotland, or the close-run fight against Israeli settler company Eden Springs that led them to successfully appeal to the Scottish Government for aid to fight off the boycott campaign.

The truth, however, is that we are not strong enough to force an end to Scotland’s and the UK’s supply of the means of murder to the apartheid state. The merchants of death and their bankers are not yet afraid of the public and that needs to change before they will forego the profits they make from the UK-Israel arms trade and the broken Palestinian bodies by the thousand that result.

Israeli sniper posts imageSPSC faces attacks because we are a significant threat, as our enemies acknowledge. David Cameron threatened BDS campaigners in a speech to a pro-Israel business group in London in October 2012: “We know what you are doing - trying to delegitimise the State of Israel - and we will not have it.” The Tory government now threatens to criminalise local councils that support call for BDS, with some councils in retreat south of the border. Join us to organise voters and council tax payers in a united campaign to support those four Scottish councils still committed to BDS and to win other Councils to support the Palestinian call for BDS, divesting their huge pension funds from companies that help sustain Israel’s occupation. (“Israel is fortunate that the minister now responsible for pensions is Baroness Ros Altmann,” part of whose family lives in Israel.)

SPSC members again face a series of trials in the New Year for peaceful BDS activities.

You can make a difference - join SPSC today in driving the change we need. Our means are exclusively peaceful but whether peaceful or violent a struggle must be a struggle. Join us -  here - to deliver solidarity to the Palestinian people.

Mick Napier
Founding member of SPSC in 2000
29 December 2015


West Calder
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Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Building effective solidarity with the Palestinian people

Scottish PSC is an extension to the Palestinian struggle for freedom against Israel's programme of ethnic cleansing and genocide in Palestine.

SPSC exists to channel public opposition to the Zionist settler colonial project into an effective and dynamic Scottish component of the global campaign that sends a powerful message of solidarity with the Palestinian people and a warning to Israel that its crimes must end.

Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign was established in September 2000 in response to the second Palestinian uprising (intifada) against Israeli settler colonialism, occupation and apartheid. Scottish PSC has members, branches, and affiliates across Scotland.

We are a voluntary unincorporated association and a membership organisation. SPSC has no charitable aims, our work is political and we campaign to build effective solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The SPSC National Committee (NC) provides strategic leadership, reaches decisions on urgent matters and is responsible for the day to day running of the national campaign.

The NC consists of the National Chair, National Secretary, National Vice-Chair, National Treasurer and National Membership Secretary plus five additional Committee members elected at the AGM. The NC also includes Branch Representatives defined as up to two members nominated by each Branch, and any roles created by the NC as required.

Our aims:

  1. A complete withdrawal of all Israeli military and paramilitary forces fromthe areas occupied by Israel in 1967
  2. The right of all Palestinian refugees ethnically cleansed from their homes and their descendants to return to their homes or the areas from which they were driven, in line with UN Resolution 194.
  3. An end to the Zionist project of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.
  4. Self-determination for Palestinians.
  5. Equal rights for Palestinians living in Israel.

We work to build effective solidarity with the Palestinian people, with a generally sympathetic Scottish public at every level of Scottish society.

SPSC Constitution

This is an appeal to you to join the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign during 2015 to organise against Israel’s genocidal programme. The Palestinian people need some of your energy and intelligence to promote their cause here in Scotland. This appeal is addressed to the thousands who marched at the height of Israel’s massacres last summer and those who have been enraged by recent Israeli crimes.

Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people and their property continue – mass killings, tree burnings, pumping noxious chemicals onto homes, mass imprisonment, torture, the brutal siege of Gaza. The crimes are made possible by a steady rain of disinformation from the BBC and other mainstream media. 

We organise across Scotland, 52 weeks a year, to channel the widespread support for Palestinian people into effective action. We work to boycott and isolate the State that sneers at UN resolutions to force the recognition of Palestinian human rights.

The British Government is fully complicit in Israel’s crimes, and works to isolate Palestinian people from all international forums. It was the UK that gave Palestine to European colonists and Cameron’s government arms Israel, even refusing to support a UN move for a Palestinian state and an end to Israel’s occupation. Miliband and Clegg are no better and the Labour Party in Scotland is now led by a long-term supporter of every Israeli massacre, Jim Murphy MP. We ask you to take out membership in 2015 because only people like you can end the crimes against the Palestinian people; “We are the people we have been waiting for”.

Last year, SPSC 

  • organised a Scottish speaking tour with a major figure in the Palestinian resistance, Archbishop of Sebastia from the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Atallah Hanna
  • campaigned successfully to get Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics companies out of a number of Scottish shopping centres – in the process asserting all citizens’ rights to political free speech in such places
  • maintained an unbroken tradition in the Scottish capital of successful opposition to Israeli State-sponsored cultural initiatives, mobilising public opinion to get the Stills Gallery to return Israeli Embassy funding and organising protests that led to the expulsion of two Israeli State-sponsored theatre groups. (Israeli artists unconnected with the Israeli State were notprotested.)
  • intervened outside and inside the Wood Group AGM in Aberdeen to oppose the company’s complicity in Israeli apartheid by supplying electricity to the Israeli Army

  • During 2015 we need your help to 

    • end Scotland’s shameful export of weapons parts to the Apartheid State in line with the Scottish Government public call for an arms embargo against Israel. A major part of this effort will be to pressure Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Parliament pension scheme to end their shameful investments in arms that Israel uses to murder dispossess Palestinians
    • get councils across Scotland to add their names to the current four who have a BDS policy and follow the Scottish Government's 'advice against trade with illegal (Israeli) settlements'.
    • defend SPSC members charged – again – with ‘racism’ and other offences for BDS campaigning

Events & Activities

26 - 26 Jul

Glasgow Film Series - The Struggle Against Apartheid: Part II Jul 26, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Jul 26, 2017 - 21:00 PM 180 West Regent St, Glasgow, United Kingdom

26 - 27 Jul

Edinburgh: Is Israel guilty of genocide? Jul 26, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Jul 27, 2017 - 00:30 AM 59 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 9EZ

09 - 09 Aug

State of Terror Aug 09, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Aug 09, 2017 - 21:00 PM

10 - 10 Aug

Glasgow public meeting: 'State of Terror' Aug 10, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Aug 10, 2017 - 21:00 PM Unison Glasgow City Branch, Glasgow, United Kingdom

11 - 11 Aug

Dundee Public Meeting: "State of Terror" Aug 11, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Aug 11, 2017 - 21:00 PM Dalhousie Building Room 1G06

12 - 12 Aug

Edinburgh Public Meeting: State of Terror Aug 12, 2017 - 14:00 PM - Aug 12, 2017 - 17:00 PM Tollcross Community Centre, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

17 - 17 Aug

Glasgow public meeting: Balfour's Shadow (author David Cronin) Aug 17, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Aug 17, 2017 - 21:00 PM Unison Glasgow City Branch, Glasgow, United Kingdom

18 - 18 Aug

Dundee Public Meeting: Balfour's Shadow by author David Cronin Aug 18, 2017 - 19:00 PM - Aug 18, 2017 - 21:00 PM Dalhousie Building Room 1G06

19 - 19 Aug

Edinburgh Public Meeting: Balfour's Shadow (author David Cronin) Aug 19, 2017 - 14:00 PM - Aug 19, 2017 - 17:00 PM Tollcross Community Centre, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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