There is no doubt that Lt. Col. Cristal sees himself in the front line of an attack on the political positions of all UK trade unions and even solidarity with Palestine generally. On August 18 he tweeted, “I'm going into the legal battle. Those who choose to boycot will pay the price”.

Mick Napier
Edinburgh 23 September 2013

Another British trade union, this time UNISON, is under attack for adopting positions of support for Palestinian rights and responding to the Palestinian appeal for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it ends its occupation and dispossession of the Palestinian people. The Israeli Embassy in London is involved in the attack.

Lt. Col. Moty CristalIn March of this year, an employment tribunal rebuffed a claim by pro-Israeli members of the UCU (University and College Union) that the union was ‘anti-semitic’ for supporting Palestinian rights. That initiative failed dismally but the Israeli Foreign Ministry and London Embassy are again at work to smear trade union opposition to Israeli crimes as racist. In this current attack, Lt. Col. (Res) Moty Cristal, a high profile member in the Israeli Army Crisis Negotiation Unit, is suing UNISON as well as Manchester Mental Health & Social Care NHS Trust for withdrawing an invitation to him to speak, an invitation extended before UNISON members were aware of his role in Israel’s notorious army.  Lt. Col. Cristal, who supports the use of white phosphorous against densely populated Gaza, is suing for exemplary financial damages for the “injury to feelings” the withdrawal of the invitation has caused him.

There is no doubt that Lt. Col. Cristal sees himself in the front line of an attack on the political positions of all UK trade unions and even solidarity with Palestine generally. On August 18 he tweeted, “I'm going into the legal battle. Those who choose to boycot will pay the price”.

A victory for Lt. Col. Cristal and the Israeli Embassy would shore up Israel's crumbling strategy of isolating Palestinians under Israeli occupation so that the bulldozers and death squads that Cristal defends can go about their grisly business. The UK Government works to keep Palestine out of the United Nations, and sells arms to the Zionist State, while the Israeli Embassy and its supporters try to use the UK legal system to criminalise solidarity with the long-suffering Palestinian people.

The effort to conflate support for the Palestinian BDS call with anti-semitism boils down to a claim that opposition to the crimes of the Israeli state is actually driven by hatred of Jews or hostility to all Israelis. It is counter-factual, but at least it switches the topic away from Israel’s indefensible crimes, an explicit Zionist aim.

Zionists work to portray the anger directed at genocidal Israeli settlers or the murderous Israeli Army as hostility to all Jews or Israelis – as if opposition to the Mafia was anti-Italian, or bringing certain war criminals to the Hague was hostility to Serbs as a people. Or, bizarrely, that opposition to South African apartheid involved hatred of all white people.  Sometimes Zionist organisations fabricate anti-semitism for their own ends.

True to form, the Zionist counter-attack airbrushes out the institutional links of Lt. Col. Cristal, and claims that he is being boycotted merely because he is an Israeli.

Lt. Col. Cristal's comrades attack schoolgirlsLt. Col. Cristal, as it happens, is a deeply unpleasant character; in August, for example, he criticised Israeli PM Netanyahu from the right for releasing a hundred Palestinians from among the thousands held illegally in Israel’s prison system, calling the prisoner release an “evil”. He also advocates continuing the brutal siege of Gaza. His politics, however, is not an issue in this case; he is being boycotted for his status as a high ranking functionary in an army and state that commits war crimes and crimes against humanity. The BDS campaign ignores private Israeli citizens, even those with such nasty politics.

In a precedent-setting trial in Edinburgh in April 2010 Sheriff James Scott ruled that actions such as comments “clearly directed at the State of Israel, the Israeli Army...” and not targeted at “citizens of Israel” per se were protected by Article 10(1) rights to freedom of speech. It is UNISON’s right and duty to refuse to provide a platform for a spokesman for the Israeli Army which is guilty of such egregious human rights violations.

It is worth noting the effrontery of those prosecuting UNISON. Dinah Rose QC is Lt. Col. Cristal’s legal representative. Ms Rose said her client’s treatment was a form of racial discrimination which bans unequal treatment on grounds of nationality. She is quoted as saying: “He is an Israeli national and of Jewish ethnic origin. This case is very important to Professor Cristal.” Lt. Col. Cristal himself said, “I’m...deeply disappointed from a national point of view”.  A spokesman for the Israeli Embassy in London told the Israeli daily Haaretz that “the embassy occasionally helps Israelis confronted with discrimination on the basis of their nationality”.

The QC ought to have carried out some minimum research into the case; she would have discovered that it is highly problematic for anyone to claim discrimination on the basis of their “Israeli nationality”. The Embassy spokeman and Lt. Col. Cristal know well that “Israeli nationality” is denied them by the law of Israel, where over 130 different nationalities are available to citizens of the State of Israel, including 'Burmese', 'Buddhist', and Russian, but not, under any circumstances, is “Israeli nationality” permitted.

Yes, you read that previous paragraph correctly! The State of Israel forbids “Israeli nationality” for any citizen. Each Israeli is forced to accept either “Jewish nationality”, which confers significant economic, social, political, and residential privileges, or one of over a hundred other “nationalities” that mark the individual citizen out as a non-Jew in a self-styled “Jewish State”. The more than one million Palestinian citizens of the State of Israel, for example, are excluded residentially from most of Israel’s land surface; huge areas are reserved for exclusively Jewish residence.

Tee shirt popular with some Israeli Army snipers
So UNISON is being attacked by an Israeli Army official who claims he is being discriminated against on the basis of his “Israeli nationality” - a status that is legally prohibited in Israel.

The attack on UNISON, however, is the second attack on a British trade union this year and is an attempt to smear all who support Palestinian rights, in unions, churches, Scottish local authorities, or campaigning groups.

An injury to one is an injury to all. Please move a resolution of support for the decision to withdraw the invitation to Lt. Col. Moty Cristal, in response to the BDS call from Palestine.

Send copies of any motion to UNISON 's International Committee This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(Please Cc. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


Six members of Dumfries & Galloway SPSC Branch went to "Sainsbury's Superstore" at Newton Stewart to join in the UK effort to pressurise Sainsbury's UK management to follow the Coop and stop trading with companies involved in Israel's illegal settlements in the West Bank. We built on the precedent established at Kelso "Sainsbury's Superstore" in February, when the firmness shown there by four SPSC campaigners established for all other determined campaigners that freedom of political free speech operates, or can be made to operate, on the car parks of large supermarkets. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Sainsbury's store Newton Stewart 5 April 2014The six of us were committed to asserting our rights to political free speech and discussing with other customers Sainsbury's violations of its ethical trading claims and its profiteering from trade with illegal Israeli settlements.

Two of us explained to the Store Manager what we were going to do, and he told us he had had notification from the company and would report the matter higher up for clarification. Nothing happened – six of us leafleted at the entrance to the "Sainsbury's Superstore" and got a great response from customers. We got 80 postcards signed from 12noon to 2.00pm with no complaints or difficulty from management.

SPSC members from the Dumfries & Galloway will be going back there first Saturday of each month. And we'll be dry whatever the weather, standing under the protective canopy at the entrance. Or we'll be arranging to test in court any future departure locally from the Kelso precedent.

(Report from Kelso)
Police called to Kelso Sainsbury's, 26 Feb. 2014 to SPSC Borders & Berwick Branch leafleting for boycott

Previous months
The Branch had already campaigned outside the store on one day of each of the previous three months. On the first occasion, following our leafleting of about 200 car windscreens in the store car park, a very angry manageress asked us to refrain from such specific activity. At the point of asking, she and a female assistant, had gathered-up every leaflet and adamantly refused to return them. She stated, in my presence and that of Phil (another volunteer) that there had been complaints from customers, and that whereas she couldn't stop us from talking to Sainsbury's customers she was asking us to desist from putting leaflets on car windscreens.

On our second visit to the store, the same manageress instructed us to move further out from the store entrance points, on the grounds she claimed, that we were obstructing emergency exits – which very clearly we weren't.

On our third visit, whilst I and a fellow volunteer were operating on the right-hand door, the manageress rushed up to us and a fit-of-temper exclaimed; "I want you off my car park". One of us immediately responded (in line with our pre-arrival decision), with; "We're not leaving". She then proceeded to threaten us with calling the police. Our nominated spokeperson said; "Go ahead", and off she went into the shop. We carried-on, as usual, for about another forty minutes to our agreed deadline. No police arrived and we drove off.

26th Feb 2014
Four of us turn-up at Sainsbury's together at 2pm. We split into two pairs, each covering an entrance. We stand about twelve feet outside the doors, allowing ample space for customers to engage with us or walk past. 'Would you like a leaflet about how Sainsbury's sources some of its goods from illegally occupied territories?"

After about fifteen minutes an under-manager in uniform comes out to talk to us. As he engages with Carol, a new volunteer, I and another member joined the conversation. This manager is calm and polite. He asks us to leave – at one point suggesting we might like to move to the outside road (beyond the car park boundary). We decline. We make various attempts to engage with him on the reason for our presence. At first he resists, then listens.

He then returns, however, to his original 'script' and states that he has no choice but to involve the police if we don't comply with his request. He offers us five minutes to discuss our response, but we tell him our decision is already made – which is to carry-on as we were. I press him to say if the decision to involve the police is his own, from higher-up within the unit, or from higher-up beyond. 'From higher-up', but as he's on the move back in to call the police, he doesn't define what that means.

We return to our activity and a bout ten minutes later, a police car comes into the car park. Three officers emerge, two male and one female engaged in some hilarious laughter. They approach in and we engage in an exchange of jovial banter – with such comments on our behalf as; 'There can't be much crime going-on in Kelso today given the big turnout'. The officer-in-charge takes time to read our leaflet, we explain our activity is UK-wide, and why.

The officer-in-charge talks on his radio at one point, then excuses himself to go into the store to talk with the person who rang them. Emerging after only a few minutes, declares for our benefit: 'You're not causing an obstruction. You're not hassling people. You're giving leaflets to those who want to receive them. Your leaflets are not offensive or threatening. You're behaving peacefully. You're not breaking any law'. He finished by saying; 'I don't know what we're doing here' (meaning, pretty-much; 'It was totally inappropriate to ring us').

Our four-strong contingent questioned the officers about their opinions as to our rights in such a set of circumstances – especially with regard to the car park and store being "private property".

The officer-in-charge was clear that;
[A] Regardless of the ownership status of the ground surrounding the store, this is a public access area and anyone engaged in lawful activity (such as ourselves) could not be moved off it, either by the police or anyone else. 'Does that mean that if Sainsbury's has its own security, it cannot move us off either?' The same officer replied, equally adamantly, that they could NOT move us. Nobody could'.

[B] The officer-in-charge stated, with regard to handing-out leaflets, that "This is a right of free speech, protected under the law".
The police officers departed as happy as when they arrived, and the four of us completed our period of duty 'till 4pm, unobstructed.
(4 members of SPSC Berwick & Borders Branch)


Mick Napier was arrested on Saturday (20th) night at this home for allegedly breaching his bail conditions. Following his arrest on 13 September, Mick along with another SPSC member were held in custody over the weekend before being released on police bail on Monday evening. A condition of the bail was that they should not go to within 500 meters of Braehead shopping centre until their court appearance scheduled for 9 October.

On the weekend when unionist thugs were allowed to rampage through Glasgow city centre, verbally abusing and assaulting other citizens, and only 5 arrests be made on the night, it beggars belief that the police would arrest someone in their own home at 10pm for allegedly going within 500 meters of a shop. The police did not divulge the source of the allegation.

Despite the previous week’s arrests SPSC members were out in force again on Saturday at Braehead. This week our protest was split into two separate groups, one inside and a group outside, Mick was not involved or present in either of these groups. Once again leafleting took place inside the shopping centre but this time there were no arrests. Similar protest in Edinburgh at the Ocean Terminal shopping centre carried on for 5 hours without even a police presence.

The actions of the police suggest a degree of victimisation. It is a mystery as to why we are allowed to leaflet at Braehead with no police intervention following previous events. Equally puzzling is that protests and leafleting inside the Edinburgh shopping centre are allowed to continue with much greater numbers and for a longer period, with police supporting the right to protest.

Mick will appear in Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday 22 September. We ask supporters to meet outside the Court at 11am.

14th September 2014

Two members of SPSC were arrested on Saturday 13 September whilst taking part in a peaceful protest against the sale of goods from stolen land. Under international law, an occupying power is forbidden from transferring its population onto occupied land and pillaging its natural resources. 

Jericho Dead Sea Cosmetics is one of a number of companies operating in small retail units selling goods containing Dead Sea minerals. Extensive research of the goods on sale reveals a deeply suspicious veil of secrecy on the part of these companies over the precise origin of the natural ingredients and the location of manufacture. A series of PO Box addresses and vague references to the “Israeli side of the Dead Sea” demonstrates a unwillingness which is designed to repudiate claims of these being stolen goods.

As part of the international BDS campaign, SPSC is actively campaigning for a boycott of Israeli Dead Sea products. The minerals used in the production of the cosmetics are taken from land which has been stolen from Palestinians, and to which access is denied.

“Since 1967, Israel has unlawfully appropriated vast portions of Palestinian land in the occupied Dead Sea area primarily to establish settlements and through these exerting a firm control over the region, including over its natural resources. Through the implementation of harsh restrictions on planning and movement, the Israeli authorities have severely hampered the ability of Palestinians to use and access their land and other natural resources in the region. The presence of settlers who directly utilise and profit from the Dead Sea wealth has severely exacerbated this situation and contributed to the over exploitation of the area, resulting in severe environmental damage.”

Al Haq:  Pillage of the Dead Sea: Israel’s Unlawful Exploitation of Natural Resources in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 2012

The significance of action against companies complicit with the the theft of Palestinian land has been highlighted most recently by the Scottish Government. All public bodies in Scotland, including government agencies and local councils, have been advised not to trade with companies that are active in settlements as they are illegal under international law. 

“The Scottish Government strongly discourages trade with companies active in Israeli settlements which are recognised as illegal under international law.

The exploitation of assets in illegal settlements by any company is likely to constitute “grave professional misconduct” for the purposes of procurement legislation.

This government expects public sector contractors to maintain high standards of business and professional conduct. The policy note we have issued today underlines that expectation and advises purchasers to seek assurances that any Israeli-based company they consider entering into a contract with, is not in any way involved in illegal settlements.

Contracting authorities are also advised to seek assurances that any goods they are looking to procure which originate in Israel have not been produced in illegal settlements.” 

Humza Yousaf Scottish Government External Affairs 22 August 2014

Action against these outlets in Scotland escalated into formal boycott action following the Israeli attacks on Gaza in July and August. Stalls in St Enoch Centre and at the Silverburn Shopping Centre were closed down following protests and weekly protests are ongoing in Edinburgh.

The protests have been entirely peaceful despite the extreme provocation by Dead Sea stall staff promoting pro-Israel racist propaganda against Palestinians. In Edinburgh the police have been called on numerous occasions to answer demands from the stall operators and from the centre management that we be removed. Campaigners have refused requests to desist from handing out leaflets and refused requests to leave the centres.  Until yesterday, the police have also consistently confirmed that we have the right of access to shopping centres, describing them as a “public place”, and have the right to protest including the handing out of leaflets.

We have the right to pubic protest and as shopping centres are deemed to be public places there is no legal obstacle to the peaceful protest in which we are engaging. We believe the actions of Police Scotland and Braehead Shopping Centre Management to be ill judged and a denial of our human right to protest. 

A Celtic fan was ejected and threatened with arrest at Tynecastle after Celtic officials raised an objection to the tee-shirt he was wearing, which said 'Free Palestine' on the front and 'Boycott Israel' on the back. Threats to free expression by supporters of Palestinian freedom from occupation, colonisation and apartheid have been a constant over the years. As US, UK and EU governments' support for Israeli crimes has remained solid, popular revulsion at Israeli massacres of Palestinians, Turkish aid workers and others has intensfied suspicion and hostility towards the settler-colonial state and made large swathes of popular opinion sympathetic to Palestine.

The teeshirt that Celtic FC couldn't allowWhere will it end? Will teeshirts with a small font and a small image be similarly included in the bans being set up? Palestinian colours on a tee shirt? It's time to take a stand - make this tee shirt ubiquitous. (It also helps to make new friends, start great conversations with complete strangers.)

The aim of the Israeli Government, its Zionist supporters and their political allies in the UK is to close down public discussion of Israel's crimes and the brutal treatment meted out to the long-suffering Palestinian people. The principal target of these efforts has been the many people answering the Palestinian call for boucott, divestment and sanctions against the State of Israel to force it to conform to international law and recognise Palestinian rights.

One example of this effort is UEFA's work to close down displays of support for Palestine at football games and, to this end, the impossition of fines of tens of tousands of pounds against Scottish and Irish clubs whose supporters fly Palestinian flags in solidarity with the injured people of Gaza and the rest of Palestine. UEFA's wrath seems not to be incurred by supporters of Israeli crimes flying an Israeli flag.

For miliions around the world the Palestinian flag is a symbol of heroism and determination by a violated people to regain that which has been violently taken from them, but UEFA's Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Committee has deemed this flag to be "a political symbol" and have ruled that showing it at football games is an infringement of the Association's regulations.

UEFA's Disciplinary Regulations state that "All associations and clubs...may be subject to disciplinary measures and directives [for]...any message that is not fit for a sports event, particularly...of a political, ideological, religious or provocative nature..."  UEFA haven't noticed Ajax Amsterdam's flag waving
It seems, however, that the "butcher's apron" is not considered provocative by UEFA when it is regularly displayed by Ajax Amsterdam fans.

It's not just in football of course. Courtrooms in England have been used (generally unsuccessfully) by Zionist organisations in their effort to smear and punish institutions that support the Palestinian cause. An Edinburgh Procurator Fiscal tried to convict some SPSC members of racism by arguing in open court that uttering the words "End the siege of Gaza" or "Genocide in Gaza" as in itself a racist act. That perticular effort was unsuccessful but a trial that is in many ways a re-run of the earlier one will take place in Glasgow Sheriff Court on May 7th.

So, from football associations to courtrooms and beyond there is a campaign to erode our rights to free speech and free expression of political ideas when it comes to Palestine. Take a stand - buy and wear the 'provocative' tee shirt that says "Free Palestine"; support the Palestinian call for boycott, divestment and sanctions that appears on the back, Boycott & Isolate Israel".

Isreli snipers' tee shirt
On the subject of tee shirts, here are examples of the sort that are very popular with Israeli army snipers. The Givati Brigade's Shaked Battalion has a pregnant Palestinian woman in the cross hairs with the joke in Hebrew and English "One shot, two kills". Another has a small boy with a toy gun in cross hairs with the text "The smaller they are, the harder it is". This is no sick 'joke' but deadly serious. Pulitzer Prize winning US journalist Chris Hedges reported from Rafah for Harper's Magazine that in Gaza that he had witnessed Israeli "soldiers entice children like mice into a trap and murder them for sport."

So we have no choice but to stand up for the wounded and violated people of Palestine, since the murderers are receiving Scottish weapons parts. But we can't stand up for others if we can't stand up for our ourselves, our rights to protest openly, our rights to wear a tee shirt or a badge.

Buy and wear the tee shirt being banned by Celtic and UEFA: click here

Mick Napier
West Calder
02 December 2014

Scottish PSC endorses statement of solidarity with French campaigners facing trial for BDS actions, members and branches send photo messages of solidarity.

More than 150 solidarity organisations stand in solidarity with French campaigners facing legal action
International solidarity with French BDS activists facing repression

June 26 2013 – As more than 150 Palestine solidarity and social justice organizations from across the world, we stand in solidarity with all of the French campaigners for Palestinian rights facing legal action and repression for participating in demonstrations calling for a boycott of Israel.

French campaigners have faced criminal charges for their solidarity activity since 2009. Despite a previous ruling that advocating boycott is not illegal and should be permitted as part of the right to freedom of speech, three activists were brought to trial earlier this month in Perpignan, seven more will attend court on June 27 in Alencon and further trials wDundeeill take place later this year.

In all of these cases, campaigners have been charged with "incitement, provocation to discrimination, hatred or violence against a person or group of persons, due to their ethnicity, race, religion or nation" following their participation in actions at supermarkets calling for a boycott of Israeli goods.

This misuse of anti-discrimination law is part of a wider attack on solidarity with the Palestinian people. French pro-Israel organizations are plaintiffs in many of the cases against boycott activists and have successfully pressured the French government to support repression of solidarity activity. In 2010, then justice minister Michèle Alliot Marie ordered prosecutors to press charges against boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists. Police regularly demand the names and addresses of those present at protests calling for a boycott of Israel and Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was deployed to stop protests at a basketball match involving an Israeli team that took place in France.

Alarmed by the growth of solidarity with the Palestinian people and the BDS movement in particular, Israel and leading Israeli think tanks have made clear their desire to sabotage and disrupt solidarity activism. Senior Israeli foreign ministry official Amir Sagie recently admitted that the Israeli government has been "investing heavily" in legal warfare against BDS in France and other European countries.

To Bernard, Jeanne, Yamina, Alain, Chantal, Christine Francis, Jo, Nicole and Pierre, to all those facing criminal charges and the whole of the French movement: we stand with you.

While we cannot be with you as you demonstrate outside the court at the start of the next trial on June 27, we express our full support for your Findhornefforts to build solidarity with the Palestinian people in the face of state repression. We cannot allow Israel to export its attacks on basic freedoms to Europe or anywhere else.

Inspired by the steadfastness of the Palestinian struggle and the resolve of the French BDS movement, we pledge to continue to work with the BDS movement in France to support their efforts to resist oppression and to continue to build the international movement for a boycott of Israel.

[See also international messages of support]

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