The British Empire not only organised the Zionist colonisation of Palestine, and invaded and devastated Iraq more than once. These are details in a much larger bloody story. The full horror of this bloody empire has, though, been kept a well-guarded secret from generations of British schoolchildren. How many have any inkling of the full horror of Britain's role in, say, Kenya within living memory - concentration camps, summary executions, and over 1,000 hangings of Kenyans to preserve rule there by Britain and the colonial-settler elite of White farmers? It would be seared into the national psyche if Africans had conquered Britain in the last century and taken over most of the best land exclusively for black people to own and farm, using torture, death squads, high-tech weaponry and mass rape to control a sullen population seething with revolt. Read about it if you can bear to reflect on what Britain did in its conquered territories.

Mau Mau round up Kenya 19 008It is largely a story of massive, naked violence against those who resisted, a story accessible to anyone who makes a modest effort.

A British political agent in  Delhi noted in 1815 after a Gurkha rebellion that “Our power in India rests upon our military superiority. It has no foundations in the affections of our subjects.” Or as Hillaire Belloc summed up the relationship between the rulers and the victims of Empire:

                         Whatever happens, we have got
                         The Maxim gun, and they have not.

In other words, 'resist and you will be gunned down'. Or gassed. For those familiar with the whole grim history of British colonialism, Israel's brutal violation and dispossession of the Palestinian people is far from being unique.

One shocking result of UK schools largely suppressing the teaching of Empire history is that YouGov recently found that 44% of British people were proud of Britain's history of colonialism, with only 21% regretting it happened and 23% holding neither view. The same poll also found 43% believed the British Empire was a good thing, 19% said it was bad and 25% said it was "neither". Many Scots still deny the eager participation of Scots elites in the crimes of the British empire, taking refuge in the widespread myth of Scotland as a victim of the British Empire rather than an aggressive junior partner.

Amritsar MassacreAt its height in 1922, the British empire governed a fifth of the world's population and a quarter of the world's total land area. There was merciless looting and pillage, a centuries-long lucrative trade in black skins, efficent extraction of resources that impoverished parts of the globe, massacres, famines and the modern invention of concentration camps. Nothing to be proud of, except those who resisted the plunder of their homelands and those who actively opposed it in Britain. We stand on the shoulders of heroes and to be on the right side of history means to support rebellion, resistance by colonial slaves who refuse to accept enslavement.

Mick Napier
West Calder
21 January 2016
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Further reading:
Web of Deceit: Britain's Real Role in the World (2003), Mark Curtis
The Blood Never Dried: A People's History of the British Empire (2006), John Newsinger


0 #3 CJ Cameron 2016-01-28 23:28
We have just had "Holocaust Memorial Day", but it was all about the "unique" WW2 genocide of Jews, with no mention of the millions of other Europeans sent to concentration camps or totured and shot by the German occupiers. Straight after that war, the French committed atrocities in Algeria in particular: As bad as the British. And yes, our present masters follow the same path in the Middle East and see no wrong in the state calling itself "Jewish and Democratic".
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0 #2 Bill Mair 2016-01-26 11:24
Badnews andgood news for the Scots among us.
Bad news is that The important thing to remember is that the Scots are not some morally superior race: we participated in British empire building, with all the oppression, rape, murder, theft and dispossession along with our English, Welsh and N Irish cousins.
GOOD news is that, according to a YouGov poll published in The Independent, the Scots are les proud and more ashamed of the British Empire than our brothers and sisters in RUK: .
So, peaks and troughs, swings and roundabouts ...
Bill Mair,
Solidarity Scotland
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0 #1 Jimmy Powdrell Campb 2016-01-22 20:42
Read the whole article here:

How did the armies of one small nation manage to keep a fifth of the planet's population under its control without resorting to routine cruel and unnatural punishments, without fostering a racist contempt for life, and without resorting now and again to
genocidal crimes against humanity to maintain in the population a general resignation to their subjugation? You're right - it didn't happen - the British Empire was all of that and worse.

Zionist colonialism may be a revolting racist anachronism but they are only following a colonial tradition that demonstrates one of the most dangerous intellectual faculties that we possess: the infinite capacity for justifying our own evil. We grind people into the dust, we torture and murder and mutilate them and then, if they try to get up, we call them evil for resisting us.
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