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17 October


Palestinian fishermen and Israeli gunboatOn this day in 2012, the Israeli Defence Ministry was forced to release their precise


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Excellent statement. MSP Jackson Carlaw statement that refusing to sign up to the IHRA means 'denying the rights of Jews to self-determination' demonstrates that Jackson Carlaw is in need of a few lessons on what is and is not anti-Semitism.

Jews are only entitled to self-determination if they are a nation separate from those amongst whom they live. If Carlaw is suggesting that Jews are a separate nation then he is subscribing to one of the main planks of anti-Semitic ideology. Being Jewish is a matter of religion not race or nation.

The IHRA of course has nothing to do with anti-Semitism and everything to do with a defence of Israel and Zionism.  Israel is the most racist state in the world.  Where Palestinians are treated as guests at best. Where thousands of Jewish settlers march to the chant of 'Death to the Arabs' where 93% of Israel is off limits to Israeli Palestinians. 

In short not only is Jackson Carlaw anti-Semitic it would appear that he is an all round racist.

I can only suggest that he reads the new Jerusalem Declaration on AntiSemitism https://jerusalemdeclaration.org/ which, unlike the IHRA, actually is about anti-Semitism.
Ahron 1 months ago 5 September
I was living there, 
Those kibbutz settlements are the dream of the Zionist state, they have communist principles,
All the money and real estate belong to the kibbutz Council, the children do no live with their parents from birth but in a children house (property of the kibbutz). 
The war was started by Israel when they launched the Nakba, following Plan Dalet. Arab armies only intervened later in order to try and stop massacres like Dier Yassin.
Mick 1 months ago 3 June
World cycling day is 3 June:
@fredI  wasn't suggesting mentioning other examples as a way to in any way mitigate or make acceptable, the actions of Israel, or to lessen the impact of what Emily wrote. More as a counter to the complaints of those, who in these comment threads, have expressed their thoughts that  Israel is being unfairly picked on, or singled out, in a world of multiple injustices. The history of the backing and support for the State of Israel, by the USA and Europe, while turning a blind eye to the injustices, cruelty, and apartheid applied to Palestinian people, can usefully be put in the context of centuries of Eurocentric policies and European disdain for non European peoples, applied by European colonial powers, and Americans of European descent. When we campaign on behalf of the rights of Palestinians, the more we understand the context the better, and this includes listening to other views and perspectives. Anyone given a chance to see timelines and figures will be able to see that the state of Israel, actively and implicitly places a lesser value on the lives, and rights, and history and culture of Palestinian people than they do on Jewish Israelis, I think.

Fear begets violence, and violence distorts and divides people who might otherwise respect, and even like each other. All conflicts have tragedies on all sides. It is appalling that the organisation whose demands the NTS submitted to, feel justified in silencing the stories of others. That is an important story to tell in itself, and erodes yet further any remaining respect for the State of Israel, and its supporters.