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27 November


uprooted olive trees - the devastating hallmark of Israeli contempt for the indigenous life of PalestineOn this day in 2002, the Israeli Ministry of Defence announced it would investigate the...

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It is hardly surprising that a child, in a short written piece, will fail to cover all the sides of a human conflict. Rather than remove the piece, far better to display a response , or a contextual piece, putting an Israeli view, or alternative perspective side beside it. No armed conflict is without wrongs committed by both sides. It is only through navigating the hurts and the harms that we can hope to reach an (imperfect) peace. Silencing the voice of this child is only propogating the binary attitudes that poison so much debate. 
Probably because Emily neglected to mention that Hamas started tge war on May 10th
NTS_Scotland stand for humanity. Selective support for causes is a hypocrisy. 
@TedThen you should stop falsifying history and for starters read respected Israeli historian, Eli Pappés The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Then give your head a much warranted wobble.
This is a shameful act by the National Trust.