World Council of Churches

World Council of Churches slams Israeli injustice in Palestine

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WCC calls for member churches to recognize the danger of using scripture to in any way justify occupation Jimmy Powdrell CampbellEdinburgh7th July 2016 Representing over half a…
Church of Scotland General Assembly 2013

MEDIA RELEASE: Church of Scotland General Assembly refuses to accept misuse of scripture to claim exclusive right to territory and reaffirms support for Palestinian rights

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MEDIA RELEASEThursday 23 May 2013 Delegates to the Church of Scotland General Assembly have today voted to adopt a report by its Church and Society Council which challenged…
SPSC Edinburgh members leaflet General Assembly delegates, 23 May 2013

Church of Scotland General Assembly slams Israeli apartheid and land theft - suggests BDS needed

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The Inheritance of Abraham? A report on the 'promised land' is a ground-breaking report by the Church and Society Council that was overwhelmingly agreed this weekend at the annual…
Times 11 May 2013

Israeli treatment of Palestinians is "appalling" says senior Scottish cleric

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"The Church of Scotland is right to criticise Israel because of the 'appalling' way it has treated the Palestinians, according to one of its most senior clerics. "The Very…
The Bible was also used to "justify" an earlier settler colonial project of dispossession

Church of Scotland: "Bible is not a mandate to dispossess native people" - Zionists outraged

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Ephraim Borowski, Scottish Council of Jewish Communities Director, demanded that Christians condone the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and elsewhere as Biblically endorsed, or…
church of scotland 2

Church of Scotland votes overwhelmingly to lobby Government to "end the inhumane blockade of Gaza"

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Jewish Chronicle: Scottish Church votes to ignore Israel in campaignsJonathan Kalmus 31 May 2012 The Scottish Church will no longer consider the Israeli perspective when…
The Church of Scotland's performance on this issue is poor

Weird and delusional Scottish Zionists recycle old libels

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Sunday 19 June 2011 "As well as recycling historical snake oil, Scottish Friends of Israel revealed a view of Glasgow as a science fiction world where Arabs and their allies…

A strange case of ethical schizophrenia – lamenting dispossession while celebrating the dispossessor

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by Mick Napier (Chair, Scottish PSC) & Marion Woolfson (Honorary President, Scottish PSC) 20 August 2009 The Festival of Spirituality and Peace, which opened in Edinburgh on…
Gentiles hate Jews so colonise Palestine and get rid of the Palestinians

How Seven Religions couldn’t Provide One Moral Compass

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Scottish Interfaith Group’s Israeli Government-sponsored visit by Mick Napier (27 July, 2008) "A Scottish interfaith ‘pilgrimage’ to Israel, supported by the British and Israeli…

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