Israel kills Palestinians and works to silence dissent

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The entire written and audio-visual content of the SPSC website and Facebook pages over seventeen years, together with scores of hours of TV discussions by SPSC representatives…

Scotland gets its first full-time Israeli diplomat - here to prove Israel is not an apartheid state

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"Israel's man in [Scotland] is Ishmael Khaldi, a Palestinian Bedouin who visited Scotland while he was serving as an advisor to Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. Yes, the same…
JNF tractor demolishing Al Araqib, 2013

Zionists lament that Scotland is "worst" for Palestine solidarity

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With so many ethnic cleansing successes, why are Zionists so worried?Mick Napier4th April 2014 As Israel accelerates its current wave of ethnic cleansing – driving Palestinians…
Motion by two Tory MSPs against SPSC and BDS

What they say about SPSC - the opposition

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The spokespersons for the Israeli Embassy in London, the Israeli Information Office in Giffnock and Scottish Friends of Israel may sometimes appear deranged but they have a sense…

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