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Syrian war - Israel's aims and involvement

in War and Imperialism
The Syrian War's Worst Kept Secret that could Become an Israeli NightmareRichard SiversteinMiddle East Eye30 June 2017Earlier this month, the Wall Street Journal published an…
Mau Mau round up Kenya 19 008

44% of British people 'proud of the British Empire' - we honour those who resisted and still resist

in War and Imperialism
The British Empire not only organised the Zionist colonisation of Palestine, and invaded and devastated Iraq more than once. These are details in a much larger bloody story. The…
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US, UK and France: supporting dictatorships, free fire zones & no fly zones

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"Their sympathy for the Libyan people is entirely false; they are driven mainly by a lust for Libyan oil. The record of these governments in opposing the aspirations of the…
Mordechai Vanunu - who revealed Israel's vast nuclear arsenal - is still in an Israeli prison today

Threatening World Order: US & Israel Quietly Announce Plans to Reconstitute Their Nuclear Stockpiles

in War and Imperialism
Anthony DiMaggio 10 July 2010 The world looks like it's about to become a more dangerous place. A recent report from Israel's newspaper Haaretz finds that the United States is…
The pictures of British coffins get on BBC screens but never the far more numerous Afghan ones

Endgame for NATO invasion of Afghanistan?

in War and Imperialism
The latest NATO debacle over Afghanistan takes place against the whole background of brute military failure, proving how intractable the crisis really is... The recent interview…
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"I was from a poor, white family from the south ...recruiters started phoning me when I was 16"

in War and Imperialism
US soldier refuses to serve in 'illegal Iraq war'Karin Zeitvogel Fri May 16 WASHINGTON (AFP)In the hours following his announcement, Chiroux received some 300 emails of support,…
Viet Cong fighters - they humiliated the superpower

"The Americans thought that Vietnam was a war. We knew that Vietnam was our country."

in War and Imperialism
Basra: Echoes of Vietnam Conn Hallinan in Foreign Policy in Focus Rather than as an assault on "criminal militias," virtually every independent observer saw the attack as an…

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