On This Day is a daily post to your phone on events that shed light on the brutal history of Zionism as a colonial movement, the state it founded on the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948, the current Israeli horror-show, Palestinian resistance and worldwide solidarity.

On This Day tries to be informative both for those with no specialist knowledge of the subject as well as committed activists. It is innovative in form - a short text to your phone in English and Arabic can be read in seconds; when a topic interests, an expanded version from authoritative sources is a click away. Are you already familiar with the 1936 Palestinian revolt and Britain's murderous response? Do you know about the numerous studies showing Israel's polecat status in world public opinion? On This Day isn't just angry, it's meticulously researched and reliable. Every statement is backed up by evidence.

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 My thanks to SPSC On This Day posts for the very informative and useful posts they publish daily. We use these posts on our social media platforms to provide our audience with such insightful knowledge and valuable information. I thank SPSC and all the people who contribute to its work.
Osama Nazzal, Manager of Palestine International Broadcast

tim ll


Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign's On This Day is a vital daily reminder to readers that the catastrophe that happened to the Palestinians goes back to the darkest days of British and European colonialism and is with them every day as Israel continues to deny them their rights and steal their lives, their land and their future at gunpoint. I read On This Day every day, thank SPSC for its very welcome service, and urge all who support the Palestinians' struggle for equal rights to subscribe to it.
Tim Llewellyn, former BBC Middle East Correspondent.


SPSC's On This Day messages are a fantastic resource. They add some some much needed perspective and I've found them extremely reliable.
Asa Winstanley, investigative journalist


MurrayOn This Day tells me some things In detail that I vaguely knew about Zionism, it’s detractors within the Jewish community, and the treatment of Palestinians by the might of the Israeli state. But it also tells me much more than that. Facts and incidents that I had no knowledge of. It’s indispensable if you want to keep
up with a highly contested political area full of ‘alternative facts’. Thank you SPSC.
Murray Armstrong, author of The Liberty Tree: The Stirring Story of Thomas Muir and Scotland's First Fight for Democracy


 Very much appreciate the daily On This Day posts. Informative and educational. I pass them on to our Scottish Human Rights Forum (SHRF) - Palestine WhatsApp group and they are much appreciated.
Haq Ghani, Secretary - Scottish Human Rights Forum


jean urquhart

 Thanks to SPSC we need not be ignorant of the endless persecution of the Palestinian people by the Israei State. We in Scotland must remember that it was a Scot whose hand composed the Balfour Declaration. We cannot continue to ignore the plight of the Palestinian people. The best way of being kept informed is to join the Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and let the Palestinians know they have your support. The daily On This Day report is never an easy read, but it’s important to know the truth of what is really happening there.
Jean Urquart, former MSP for the Highlands

SPSC's On This Day post is such an eye-opening and enlightening platform on Palestine. Its great team digs out very valuable and often forgotten or unknown news and events related to the Palestinian cause, and even when shedding light on well known news, they deal with the story from different aspects than what we might already know. Publishing both in Arabic and English, I find it very useful both personally and for enriching the social media content I create for Palestine. Much much appreciation for the relentless effort they are putting into this."
Mariam Mohammed, Global Campaign to Return to Palestine

mizanOn this day is an innovative project that educates us about Palestine in a very unique way. Their posts can be shared and can be used to connect the tragedies of the past with the present in order to show how the violence committed against the Palestinians works in a continuum as well as to ensure that we dont forget the important events that have defined the Palestinian liberation struggle. Long live On This Day and i urge others to subscribe to these posts.
Mizan, spoken word artist

joe grant

 SPSC's On This Day posts provide strong links to the historical wrongs to, and current oppressions of the Palestinian people. Carefully researched and thoughtfully produced posts allow the reader insight to the backstory of the ongoing and gravest injustice of our time. Those of us in South Africa who recognise or remember the hallmarks of State oppression, murder and terror should share the posts widely in support of the Palestinian struggle to be free.
Joe Grant, South Africa

 Memoricide is one of the instruments of Zionism. SPSC's daily prompt is a reminder of a history prettified or simply covered up in the mainstream media. On This Day is a painful reminder but also a constant inspiration to continue and intensify the campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.
Paul Kelemen, Author of The British Left and Zionism

yvonne copy 22299SPSC's On This Day is a brilliant resource but it also provides a daily reminder of why Palestine must never be forgotten. The historic perspective shines a light on moments in history the Apartheid State of Israel would rather we forget and it also stops tendencies by some to airbrush these incidents from the historical landscape. Some of the events are more contemporary and serve as a reminder of the importance of activism locally, nationally and internationally. With all the injustice in the world today it's easy to become overwhelmed by events which is why On This Day is so important. It enables us all to put Palestine first and centre of our thoughts the moment we switch on our phones in the morning.
Yvonne Ridley, journalist

JimThe daily briefing from SPSC, the On This Day post to phones, is of great importance to myself personally and I believe to anyone with an interest in the Middle East in general and Palestine and the struggle of the Palestinian people in particular. Subscribe - and please support the SPSC.
Jim Malone, Fire Brigades Union

eddie whyte 2There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into the SPSC On this Day historical news service on WhatsApp. It is invaluable for anyone wanting to dive deep into the history of the Palestinian liberation struggle and struggle against the ongoing occupation.
Eddie Whyte, Palestine Committee of Norway


Davw Chapel
Scottish PSC's On This Day posts give often fascinating and informative insights into the ever-growing calendar of events shaping Palestine's oppression and struggles, and brilliantly connecting each day with an historic catalogue to show how the past still relates to the present.  
Dave Chappel, Exeter PSC

To receive a daily WhatsApp post from SPSC:
1. Add  +44 7592 321692 to contacts on your phone
2. WhatsApp "subscribe" to the same number + name + post code or country
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