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Glasgow City Chambers
Saturday June 29th at 12 noon

Jeff Halper is the Israeli author of the acclaimed War against the People (Pluto Press), an authority on the use and mis-use of Israeli arms and surveillance technology. In this 3-minute video, the words of Jeff Halper, taken together with the words of Police Scotland officer Kalim Uddin make the case for you to resist this "Israelisation" of Glasgow.

Big Brother-style facial recognition cameras installed on Glasgow was a 2016 headline in the city's Evening Times. The Herald ran with a front page, Privacy fears over police use of face ID database. The Record headlined Glasgow City Council slammed over CCTV tracking technology ready to launch on 70 cameras which can track you across town

Billy Briggs in the Record piece revealed that the system was tested by tracking individuals and groups across the city who hadindulged in the traditional pastime of ensuring that the statue of the Duke of Wellington always has a traffic cone on the noble head.

Three years later, and with no public debate despite such articles, Glasgow City Council still allows Police Scotland to scan the population with facial recognition programmes - without us being aware of it. The Israeli system used in Glasgow is more intrusive than the one that San Francisco City Council is instructing their police department not to use.

NICEBookletGlasgow City Council insisted against all the facts that NICE, the company that sold the system used in Glasgow, had no links to the Israeli miltary. NICE was developed by seven veterans of Israeli military surveillance Unit 8200, which helped to carry out the crimes of the Israeli Army that Amnesty categorises as war crimes and crimes against humanity.The company is now owned by Israeli arms company Elbit Systems which is tightly integrated into the structures and activities of the Israeli military.

 The core of the system was developed to crush Palestinian resistance and was tested on them during what Amnesty calls Israel's "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity"

The Scottish Government has called for an arms embargo on Israel for its "deep inhumanity" - why are we using tools developed out of the commission of such crimes? In addition Israeli surveillance tecnology was used

Liberty is supporting a case brought in Cardiff that alleges police there are breaking human rights law with the use of facial recognition software.

Police in London are already fining pedestrians £90 who conceal their face while walking past a camera

From San Francisco councillors:
‘We can have security without being a security state. We can have better policing without becoming a police state'

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