Aberdeen City Councillors eloquently rebutted a Lib-Dem/Tory effort to denounce BDS activities in Scotland's third city

Aberdeen City Council robustly defends freedom to boycott Apartheid

in Right to BDS
In a victory for free speech and democracy, December 14th saw a significant defeat for forces attempting to silence criticism of Israel , as a motion raised by Councillors Greig…
deir yassin

Stewart McDonald MP sings the Israeli Embassy song

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"Ten years earlier most of the main SNP leaders signed a motion in the Scottish Parliament to send “an important message to the Palestinian people expressing Scotland’s disgust at…

Israeli anti-BDS "threats to lives of activists"

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Defamation, harassment and threats - the risk in "special operations" against BDSYossi Melman, Maariv(Key points translated by Ofer Neiman) The ministry is divided into three…

Israel is warring on the Palestinians...and on us. Enlist in the "enemy forces" today!

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Massacre and ethnic cleansing are popular with Jewish Israelis Pew Research Centre reports today (8 March 2016) that "nearly half of Israeli Jews say Arabs should be expelled or…
David Cameron & Margaret Thatcher: defenders of apartheid

Government attack on BDS

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Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign16 February 2016 The UK Government plans to criminalise the adoption of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) policies by local…

BDS and Normalisation

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Scottish PSC Statement, 17 November 2015 Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC) has been committed to campaigning for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) of Israel…
miri regev

Israeli State's continuing boycott efforts - this time a fail

in Right to BDS
Israel launches a culture warYvonne RidleyFriday, 28 August 2015 While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is determined to scupper the historic nuclear deal with Iran, his…

Haaretz asks: Israelis scarce at Edinburgh Fringe - because of BDS?

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Israelis are but a Walking Shadow at This Year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe by Yair AshkeenaziHaaretz 27 August 2015 "...all the artists who spoke to Haaretz said the BDS protests…

The BDS campaign, occupation, apartheid and settler colonialism

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The template was the settlement of Ulster centuries earlier in Britain’s oldest colony. The colonial power granted privileges to colonists who naturally incurred the hatred of the…

Scottish City Councils flew Palestinian flag (for 24 hours) during Israeli massacre, while investing in weapons used for the massacre

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Investments "include the world’s largest military contractor, Lockheed Martin, which makes Trident nuclear missiles, cluster bombs and F-16 fighter jets. The fund also has…

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