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2 August


children snatchedOn this day in 2019, the United Nations Security Council’s meeting on children and armed


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Alana Terego 4 days ago 28 July
Thieving Israeli soldiers are engaged in full-spectrum criminality. This will continue as long as the Zionist state exists.
Alana 6 days ago 26 July
Bombing and killing Lebanese and Palestinians to demonstrate conempt for the UN. The Israeli reporter got what it was all about. Zionist humour is murderous.
Alana 10 days ago 10 February
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Jimmy Powdrell Campbell 16 days ago 16 July
On this day in 2014, four boys of the Bakr family, aged between 9 and 11, who were playing football on the beach near their homes in Gaza, were targetted and killed in an Israeli missile attack. The slaughter was witnessed by scores of foreign journalists.