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John Byrne, a frequent poster to Glasgow Friends of Israel Facebook discussions, shared his approval before the bodies of the victims were cold. Given the nature of the discussions on that site, e.g approving the "euthanising" of Palestinians, Byrne must have thought his opinions, as so often in the past, would be shared. Many of the creature's earlier posts are still up.

All Muslims deserve to die by virtue of their collective guilt and savagery, insisted Byrne. Not ISIS, but all Muslims, including those killed while praying in the Christchurch mosque. They deserved death and their murder might be a very good thing.

Byrne went unchallenged by any of the people who 'like' the page before SPSC - yet again - had to publicise the content of that discussion. Byrne welcomed the attack unambiguously: "It's payback for attacks that muslims have perpetrated across the globe.perhaps this will curb their appetite for bloodshed." He later emphasises his point that this murder is welcome: "And the problem is?"

I will share the screenshots with Police Scotland and will inform readers of any action that results.

SPSC has a rich experience of interacting with genocidally inclined Friends of Israel, and not just Sammy Stein and his BNP pal teaming up on Buchanan Street, Glasgow .

Two years ago we managed to catch one on camera on Princes Street, Edinburgh, saying he would like to bomb and "exterminate" the Palestinians - every man, woman and child. This supporter of Israel works in the city with vulnerable people.

On another occasion, pro-Israel Craig urged his friend Chris to “tell Dave to take the Renault straight into the c***s”, an all-day demonstration against an Israeli state-sponsored celebration of "all things Israeli", including mass murder. Israeli flags festooned this real time incitement by Israel supporters to drive a car into a crowd of peaceful Palestine demonstrators.

Whether or not the characters involved intended to carry out the terrorist attack, the public promotion of a terrorist attack by ramming a car into a group of pedestrians is a serious crime.

terror attack

After months of ignoring reports of this serious crime, and probably embarrassed by intervening ISIS car ramming murders in France, Craig was hauled in to the station for questioning, where he bluntly denied he had posted the item on his own Facebook account, He was let go without being charged; it seems neither Chris nor Dave were questioned.

One pro-Israel killer did drive his vehicle into pedestrians. Darren Osborne ploughed into people outside Finsbury Park mosque in June 2017, killing Makram Ali and injuring nine others.

It was revealed during Osborne's trial that his initial target had been the Al Quds annual demonstration in London earlier that day  (which I and other members were on) but that he had called off that attack at the last minute because of the large numbers of police around the marchers.

John Byrne's other racist posts are still there on Glasgow Friends of Israel's pages, together with numerous other examples of extreme racism. And Nicola Sturgeon, Richard Leonard' LibDems and Tories still insist that GFoI be treatred as a genuine anti-racist organisation. We will shortly reveal other disgusting materials from Glasgow Friends of Israel - it is an outrage that Scottish political leaders and elements on the left encourage this crowd to parade as "anti-racists".

The question might be - "If you can accommodate Glasgow Friends of Israel while Israel is massacring Palestinians, is there any depravity you can't accept?"

Mick Napier
19 March 2019
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