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17 October

Palestinian fishermen and Israeli gunboatOn this day in 2012, the Israeli Defence Ministry was forced to release their precise


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This is a shameful act by the National Trust.
@PhilIsrael slaughters native Semitic unarmed Palestinian children in cold blood for wanting to return to their stolen land, nothing to be proud of but a Satanic, barbaric, bloody record...

Israel; founded on violent racist theft & sustained by violent racist apartheid.
@TedAnything that assumes that all Jews think the same, believe the same or act the same can accurately be called antisemitic. Jewish people may belong to a very wide variety of Jewish communities, Jewish synagogues, Jewish organisations or, indeed, none. That is precisely why the BoD has no right to claim to speak for the British ‘Jewish Community’. For example, Charedi Jews (I understand about 20% of the British Jewish population) do not recognise their authority and fiercely oppose the existence of Israel as a Jewish state. The BoD also can’t claim to represent the estimated half of all British Jews who happen to be secular.

I totally agree that antisemitism must always be opposed and we all must be aware of the centuries of dreadful antisemitism endured by Jewish communities which culminated in the utter inhumanity of the holocaust.

In Europe, this long history of antisemitism inspired Theodor Herzl, the founder of Political Zionism, to hold the First Zionist Congress in 1897. At the time, many Jewish people rose up in protest and accused Herzl of antisemitism because the Zionist proposition that Jews formed a separate nation implied they were aliens in their German home.

Just because it is possible that an anti-Zionist can also be antisemitic, it does not follow that an anti-Zionist is by definition an antisemitic racist;
* many Jewish individuals and Jewish organisations oppose Zionism,
* anti-Zionism is a political not a racial perspective,
* 90% of Zionists are Christian,
* anyone promoting the idea of a ‘Christian homeland’ giving Christians superior status would, quite rightly, be condemned.

Jewish people should feel safe (indeed celebrated!) wherever they live but Zionist racism MUST be resisted and doing so is not antisemitic despite what Israeli Zionists, the BoD and many other establishment organisations and individuals assert.

Yet, with the founding of Israel in 1948, racist Zionism became a matter of state policy supported by the west. Perhaps this support was partly motivated by antisemites who did not want thousands of Jewish refugees settling in the west.

On 10th November 1975, the United Nations General Assembly adopted resolution 3379 by a vote of 72 to 35 which "determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination".

Anyone who researches the 1948 Nakba should be horrified at the extreme anti-Palestinian racism involved. The systematic destruction of hundreds of Palestinian villages, the creation of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees let alone the bloody carnage ruthlessly meted out to Palestinian men, women and children. Palestinian Muslims, Christians as well as Palestinians of no faith were brutalised. Israel was thereby founded on racist violence and this racist violence has continued for over 70 years.

Many Jewish people had lived peaceably in Palestine for generations and this should have been allowed to continue after the 2WW. It was not acceptable in 1948 for European antisemitic racism which Jewish people had endured to be used to justify anti-Palestinian racism. In fact, even arab Jews were treated very badly by the new arrivals!

I have Jewish heritage but cannot accept the UDI of 1948 which so violently established a racist state. Many other non-Jewish and Jewish individuals and organisations agree.

The 2-state solution is a distraction which enables Israel to steal more and more land. A single SECULAR state is the sole sustainable solution with equal rights for all between the river (Jordan) and the (Mediterranean) sea. It is time for Israel to abandon the goal of Jewish–Palestinian separation and embrace the goal of Jewish–Palestinian equality.

"Israel's image today is negative not because it is a Jewish state but because it habitually transgresses the norms of acceptable behaviour" - Avi Schlaim, International Herald Tribune 2005
Why is the National Trust openly supporting a govt of war criiminals. Gantz is still there as defence minister! 

Israelis themselves have held demos against the destruction of democracy. When Netanyahu was the PM and his fellow war criminal, and best mate Gantz was leader of the opposition. 

A bit like the UK really with pro Zionist govt. And a Zionist opposition leader Starmer!