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23 June

Dockers23 JUNE On this day in 2010, the Swedish Dockworkers Union announced “From the 23rd of June


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Jimmy Powdrell Campbell 2 days ago 19 May
Wednesday 19th May 2021
On this day in 2021, police called for fire service support to remove Palestine Action protestors from the roof of the Elbit-owned UAV Tactical Systems factory in Leicester. However the Fire Brigades Union were made aware that the protesters were representing Palestine Action. Union Officials immediately reminded Senior Managers that "as firefighters, we are, and remain, a proud humanitarian service and our role does not involve law enforcement." Once the safety of those involved had been confirmed, Fire Brigades Union members withdrew from the incident. Leicestershire Brigade Chair, Graham Vaux added that “the Fire Brigades Union stand in support of Palestinian solidarity and the right to protest.”

The Morning Star noted that Elbit’s five weapons factories are in Leicester, Oldham in Greater Manchester, Shenstone and Tamworth in Staffordshire, and in East Kent. It also has five non-manufacturing sites. Two are headquarters offices in Bristol and London. The other three are at Royal Air Force bases: RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, RAF Valley in Anglesey in north Wales and RAF Barkston Heath in the East Midlands.

"The RAF allows Elbit to use the three bases for testing the drones before they are sent to Israel — another example of the British government’s complicity in Israel’s repression of the people of Palestine."
Haq Ghani 2 days ago 20 June
An excellent example to follow - SPSC should take action.
Scottish Human Rights Forum (SHRF) would happily support and join any such action
Richard 5 days ago 17 June
It is incredible that the Israelis think that they can gain peace by killing children.
Alia shahzad 6 days ago 17 June
This is irresistible should be stopped immediately & UN should take it seriously I strongly condemned it 
Imran Irshad 6 days ago Contact us
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