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17 October

Palestinian fishermen and Israeli gunboatOn this day in 2012, the Israeli Defence Ministry was forced to release their precise


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Dear Mr Napier. Thank you so much for the information made available. I use it on my page and I share it with those interested and supportive of the plight of the Palestinians.  Much appreciated effort for this task
I learn from my British friends that @N_T_S has a constitutional obligation not to engage in any politics as this is against its CHARITABLE status!

Nothing to do with Israel or Palestine - just not appropriate for this organisation. 
National Trust Scotland would be incapable of identifying any false statement in Emily's writing, which is actually very carefully and cautiously judged. Many children are shy of putting forward their views; Emily and her friends should be celebrated for developing their self-confidence and ability to play a role in the life of their nation by contributing their considered opinions. The NT Scotland should hang its head in shame at this anti-democratic attempt to silence the children.
Why  are  they removing historic facts?
How can history be anti semitic?
Mick 1 months ago 27 February
Also on 27 Feb (2012) pro-Israel brigade were hammered by a n English court ruling:
FINAL DAY OF DELIBERATION BY TRIBUNAL UCU v FRASERhttps://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/JCO/Documents/Judgments/eemployment-trib-fraser-v-uni-college-union-judgment.pdf
Fraser v UCU: Zionists legal attack repulsed and attackers routedhttps://www.scottishpsc.org.uk/legal-attacks/zionists-legal-attack-repulsed-and-attackers-routed?highlight=WyJ1Y3UiLCJ1Y3UncyJd