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27 May
Series Yearly on May 27 for 5 times

On this day in 1948, Ben Gurion’s “Diary” refers obliquely to an incident that is also the subject of this Egyptian army cable of 24 May: “Our

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Yes, Jeff did outline the big picture - Palestine as an example of harsh oppression worldwide of 'surplus populations' and ...
Basia Gordon 9 months ago 4 August
Marek Edelman is revered amongst Poles- a true hero. His continual fight to the good fight in the name of ...
Mick 9 months ago 1 August
Also in 2014Described by an Amnesty International report as a day of “carnage”, Black Friday, or 1 August, Israeli media ...
Alana Terego 10 months ago 28 July
Thieving Israeli soldiers are engaged in full-spectrum criminality. This will continue as long as the Zionist state exists.