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27 January
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Aref Basha al-Dajani, president of the Muslim-Christian Association and chairman of the Jerusalem Congress

On this day in 1919, the First Palestinian National Congress opened in Jerusalem in response to European Jewish settlers moving into Palestine.


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maggie harrison 23 days ago 3 January
When will decent Leaders, around the world, stand together and insist, that Israel, faces all charges against them for their ...
Tommy T 24 days ago 8 April
Apr 8 1972, Palestinian poet Glassan Kanafani was murdered in Beirut by Israeli assassins
Alana 28 days ago 21 December
@MikeAgree very much. The point of the post, I think, would be to flag up MacDonald's behaviour and in this ...
Mike 1 months ago 21 December
As a Scot you should know that in Wales, where Welsh is an official language, retail workers are regularly threatened ...
James T 1 months ago 17 May
The man behind the Jerusalem flags demonstration:Shmuel Lahis committed two massacres in two successive days. On the first day, ...