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27 January
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Aref Basha al-Dajani, president of the Muslim-Christian Association and chairman of the Jerusalem Congress

On this day in 1919, the First Palestinian National Congress opened in Jerusalem in response to European Jewish settlers moving into Palestine.


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Zionism has never been an answer to antisemitism. Based on a false belief that Jewish people need to live separately ...
Jim Malone 1 months ago 18 December
The UK’s Socialist Jewish population must take heart from the message of historic worker solidarity in today’s SPSC post, 
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The Israeli PM raising a glass with the US official is Yitzhak Shamir, whose Israeli militia group, the Stern Gang ...
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Peter Ramsay 1 months ago 13 December
Also on 13 dec 2021,Palestinian political leader Sheikh Raed Salah released from prison after serving 17 months on charges of ...