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26 May
Series Yearly on May 26 for 5 times

gaza grief nov12 child killed 400THE ELEMENTS THAT FOUNDED THE ISRAELI ARMY
On this day in 1948, the newly formed State of Israel created a central military body known as the “Israeli Defence Force”, from the merging of the

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Tom 6 months ago 3 November
AGAINST THIS WALL, INNOCENT BLOOD WAS SHED BY ISRAELI GUNS. In Khan Younis, Israeli soldiers mowed down dozens of innocent ...
alan 6 months ago 7 September
7 september 1938https://www.patfinucanecentre.org/legacy-colonialism/1938-al-bassa-massacre-and-royal-ulster-riflesEarly on the morning of 7th September 1938 a company of the Royal Ulster Rifles (RUR) a forerunner ...
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