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11 August
Series Yearly on August 11 for 5 times

On this day in 2009, the World Archaeological Conference was in session in Ramallah. Israel complained that Israeli archaeologists had not been invited (they


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Alana 1 years ago 26 July
Bombing and killing Lebanese and Palestinians to demonstrate conempt for the UN. The Israeli reporter got what it was all ...
Alana 1 years ago 10 February
Jimmy Powdrell Campbell 1 years ago 16 July
On this day in 2014, four boys of the Bakr family, aged between 9 and 11, who were playing football ...
Mick 1 years ago 26 April
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1YsYKplIgugAlso on April 26 (2021) National Geographic had Gal Gadot host a documentary highlighting the plight of indigenous people. She ...