This is an appeal to you to join the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign during 2015 to organise against Israel’s genocidal programme. The Palestinian people need some of your energy and intelligence to promote their cause here in Scotland. This appeal is addressed to the thousands who marched at the height of Israel’s massacres last summer and those who have been enraged by recent Israeli crimes.

Israeli atrocities against the Palestinian people and their property continue – mass killings, tree burnings, pumping noxious chemicals onto homes, mass imprisonment, torture, the brutal siege of Gaza. The crimes are made possible by a steady rain of disinformation from the BBC and other mainstream media. 

We organise across Scotland, 52 weeks a year, to channel the widespread support for Palestinian people into effective action. We work to boycott and isolate the State that sneers at UN resolutions to force the recognition of Palestinian human rights.

The British Government is fully complicit in Israel’s crimes, and works to isolate Palestinian people from all international forums. It was the UK that gave Palestine to European colonists and Cameron’s government arms Israel, even refusing to support a UN move for a Palestinian state and an end to Israel’s occupation. Miliband and Clegg are no better and the Labour Party in Scotland is now led by a long-term supporter of every Israeli massacre, Jim Murphy MP. We ask you to take out membership in 2015 because only people like you can end the crimes against the Palestinian people; “We are the people we have been waiting for”.

Last year, SPSC 

  • organised a Scottish speaking tour with a major figure in the Palestinian resistance, Archbishop of Sebastia from the Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem, Atallah Hanna
  • campaigned successfully to get Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics companies out of a number of Scottish shopping centres – in the process asserting all citizens’ rights to political free speech in such places
  • maintained an unbroken tradition in the Scottish capital of successful opposition to Israeli State-sponsored cultural initiatives, mobilising public opinion to get the Stills Gallery to return Israeli Embassy funding and organising protests that led to the expulsion of two Israeli State-sponsored theatre groups. (Israeli artists unconnected with the Israeli State were notprotested.)
  • intervened outside and inside the Wood Group AGM in Aberdeen to oppose the company’s complicity in Israeli apartheid by supplying electricity to the Israeli Army

  • During 2015 we need your help to 

    • end Scotland’s shameful export of weapons parts to the Apartheid State in line with the Scottish Government public call for an arms embargo against Israel. A major part of this effort will be to pressure Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Parliament pension scheme to end their shameful investments in arms that Israel uses to murder dispossess Palestinians
    • get councils across Scotland to add their names to the current four who have a BDS policy and follow the Scottish Government's 'advice against trade with illegal (Israeli) settlements'.
    • defend SPSC members charged – again – with ‘racism’ and other offences for BDS campaigning


0 #3 David 2015-01-15 18:23
One state for all people!
To end hate, end Israel!
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0 #2 Aysel Koca 2015-01-14 00:22
i would like join
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+1 #1 Alan McCluskey 2015-01-13 23:59
Hoping for a peaceful one-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians. End the violence. End the humiliating blockade.
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