Rachel CorrieIF you are angry at the Israeli court blaming Rachel Corrie for her own death under an Israeli bulldozer, while trying to intercede against a – routine – Israeli bulldozing of Palestinian homes and property
IF you are angry at Israel shelling of Gaza yesterday and its other cruelties

IF you want to send a message of solidarity to Gaza, which a UN report yesterday says “will not be liveable by Livnat openly praises the murderers of Deir Yassin2020”

THEN you have a chance to confront an Israeli Minister, Limor Livnat, in Edinburgh on Thursday, Friday or Saturday evening
AND a certain opportunity to protest the effort by a Brand Israel asset, Batsheva Dance Company, supported by demonstrators from the UK Zionist Federation, to prettify the apartheid state of Israel.

Assemble 6.00pm Edinburgh Playhouse, top of Leith Walk
(5 minutes walk from Waverley Station)
                                     Details here      Map here

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