An email exchange yesterday and this morning with a Glasgow Zionist activist that shows the absurd and dishonest lengths they go to in defence of a racist state and its crimes against humanity. The scandal is that Scottish political leaders Nicola Sturgeon, Kezia Dugsdale and Willie Rennie endorsed - presumably unwittingly - the efforts of these people to defend ALL Israeli crimes. People who support the racist massacres of Palestinians, who defend parallel and different legal codes for Palestinians and Jews, are striving to smear opponents committed to political equality for all as racists!
The good news is that this well-financed effort to extend the demonisation of the Palestinian people to its supporters worldwide could well be the last defence of an ethnic supremacist state in Palestine
Mick Napier
January 8, 2017


email 1
From: Matthew Berlow <
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Date: 07/01/2018 6:52 pm (GMT+00:00)
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Subject: Incitement

What's going on Mick?
People talking about shooting zionists on the Spsc Facebook page ??(99 per cent of Jews are zionists)
Support for a girl on the streets of Glasgow who calls for the stabbing of Jews and courts publicity by biting and slapping folk in order to spread her message of hate and death.
Was she already radicalised before you met her?- don't worry , I think she was. She comes from a family of terrorists .
And now people from the spsc shouting about big noses and hitler towards the GFI stall on buchanan street!
I thought you were going to clean things up after the Collier Report???
In anticipation
Matthew Berlow

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From: Mick Napier [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: 07 January 2018 22:40
To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Subject: FW: Incitement

apartheidYou are beneath contempt, Matthew  - a muck spreader in the service of Israeli ethnic ceansing and state-enforced racism. Now you add your efforts to the smearing of Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian child who resists an army of occupation (an illegal occupation you disingenuously claim to oppose while attacking those who resist being occupied and denied basic human rights).

As a father of two daughters and grandfather to two girls, I find it repugnant that you have joined in the attacks on Ahed Tamimi that already include a high profile call from a prominent israeli journalist for Maariv, Ben Caspit, for soldiers to 'exact a price' from Ahed Tamimi, 'in the dark, without witnesses and cameras’. What would Israeli soldiers do to a young girl ‘in the dark’ away from cameras!

I’ll let you reflect on that for a moment, but your attack on Ahed Tamimi and those who resist the murderous rabble of soldiers enforcing the illegal occupation (which you claim to oppose) is beneath contempt and not really worth a reply. While Israeli Minister Naftali Bennet demands that 16 year-old Ahed Tamimi “should finish her life in prison” you bravely join in from your lawyer’s office in Glasgow with your toxic tuppence worth.

Your first smear below starts from a silly assertion that the terms Zionist and Jew are virtually coterminous. Actually most Zionists are not Jews (your own group is led by a rather sinister Christian fundamentalist, as are all the largest US Zionist groups) and most Jews in Scotland and elsewhere seem resistant to the Zionist injunction to move to Palestine, i.e. they remain committed to non-Zionist behaviour.

BerlowweaponA foolish man or boy from the USA (Israel's paymaster, where many people share your passion for guns though perhaps not your interest in assassins’ rifles with silencers) did indeed post to our unmoderated Fb page about 'shooting Zionists'. He was very unhappy with the reception he got. His second post asked perceptively, 'Am I being mocked?' before he was deleted. Only rather desperate liars such as your friends at Glasgow Friends of Israel could even attempt to use such nonsense to attack SPSC.  

As well as joining with a rape fantasist in an attack on a young Palestinian girl, you are also a cynical and reckless liar in parroting the GFI lie that SPSC members shouted racist and pro-Hitler remarks on a Glasgow street yesterday. If racist and pro-Hitler remarks were made by people on a public street how are you able to conclude they were SPSC members?  We await the evidence.

Every word written by SPSC over many years shows a consistent, unwavering opposition to all attempts to conflate Zionism and Judaism, a conflation both you and antisemites strongly support. But you know that.

neturei karta burn flagScottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign participates in anti-fascist mobilisations in Scotland, where we encounter SDL and other fascists waving Israeli flags. Alt-Right leader in the USA, Richard Spencer, says he looks to Israel as an inspiration in his advocacy of a Whites-only state in North America. Israel welcomes as allies the Austrian Freedom party founded shortly after 1945 by Nazi remnants as well as the anti-Semitic government in Hungary that is rehabilitating the WWII pro-Nazi leader Miklos Horthy. A senior Israeli general joined other prominent Israelis in comparing Israel in 2017to Germany in the 1930s

The difference between any anti-racist campaign  such as SPSC and Friends of Israel is that we would not tolerate such filth while your group propagated a member’s sick Nazi-style post about 'euthanising' Palestinians. That post was very popular for a while on the Glasgow Friends of Israel Fb page, garnered many ‘likes’ and was picked up and shared by another Scottish Friends of Israel Fb page.  But you know that... and kept silent.

I remind you that you have not proceeded with your threat to sue me for my article of July 28 last year noting that you believe “the road to peace runs through mass killings of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children…[and] endorsing Israel’s war crimes and crimes against humanity, Palestinian humanity, the burning alive of defenceless human beings in the Gaza concentration zone”.

The article is still on the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign website and has received several thousand hits. If you do not proceed to legal action, will that not suggest that what I say about your support for racist mass murder by the State of Israel is true? 

You will be familiar no doubt with previous examples of pro-Israel groups in Scotland having to retreat from unfounded allegations of SPSC “antisemitism”. SCoJeC, you will recall, had to destroy many thousands of copies of a publication, Scotland's Jews, one version of which SCoJeC leaders had deceived the Scottish First Minister into endorsing before inserting material defamatory to Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and publishing a different version over the First Minister’s original promotional blurb. But you knew about that and remained silent.

Your personal support for an army guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity is consistent, probably including support for the soldiers who a few days ago murdered a child from Ahed Tamimi's extended family and shattered the skull of another with a rubber tipped steel bullet to the head at close range. But you know of that vile crime and attack Ahed.

I hate the sin but not the sinner; we will fight the Apartheid system you support without making any concession to the racism you are comfortable to associate with.


email 3
Matthew Berlow [mailto:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: 08 January 2018 05:16
To: Mick Napier <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Subject: Re: Incitement

I know most Glasgow Jews . I would say that 99.9 percent of them are zionists . You don't have to live there to be one. 

Tamimi is perfectly safe. In fact she is an abused manipulated child and you are one of the actors complicit in that abuse as well as her family who put her forward as Shirley temper. 

I do not support the occupation.

Tragic then that your friends have rejected statehood five times in your lifetime. Keep up the good work though.

I am however certain that a Palestinian state will be rife with corruption and descend into bloody civil war and a tribal mess and be another Syria.

When it happens get ready to formulate your arguments that israel (the Jews ) are to blame.

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