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6 December


Yisrael ArielOn this day in 2018, settler militants escorted by Israeli troops yet again invaded the...

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Why is Anti-Semitism is becoming the only and main worry of the world?

Anti-Semitism tightly defined as attacks on persons of the Jewish faith. That is some 15 million persons who exist mainly in the United States and in Israel.

This of course ignores other far more active hate pronounced against say, Muslims, who make up more than 1.8 human being in the world, and the long practices which began with the Crusades and has not ended with the end of Colonialism, flourishing under the US imperialist and Neo-Colonialist practices which was intensified after the end of the Second World War!

In literal sense, most of the Jews in the world today are not even Semites. They  descended from male early East European Jewry, who in turn fled to Eastern Europe not from Palestine but from the Caucuses and other South-Central Asian regions which were a part of the Khazar Kingdom... and were converts to Judaism by an edict of the King of the Khazar Kingdom...

Be it as it may, the actual Semites, the Palestinian Arabs, have been the subject of massacres, imprisonment and torture, expulsion from their homes, orchards and land and other means to force these Semites to leave Palestine...

The practitioners of this actual Anti-Semitic practices since the dawn of the 20th Century are exactly the ones who lead the world 'Anti-Semitic' campaign which really seeks to silence the criticism of what they do to children, to women and to the men, women and children who resist their blood-thirsty endeavors of the Zionists!

A strange and comical situation if it was not tragic!

The question is, what makes the US and most European countries endorse the call of the actual Anti-Semites in illegal occupation and control of Palestine and ignore the 73 years of its inhuman if not beastly practices?

When the Prime Minister of Scotland among others, endorse their call one had to come to the conclusion that motive is far from being based on humanitarian grounds. For if it was, one wonders how deftly they ignored the murderous regime in Myanmar before the coup in burning Muslims in bonfires, raiding their villages and homes and forcing 1.3 million of them, the Rohinyga,  to brave the sea and seek refuge in Bangladesh where they are now!

Not a word is heard then. The Myanmar regime which conducted these crimes was in fact installed by the United States and supported by the same European leaders, particularly in Britain - where their Prime Minister,  Aung San Suu Kyi, lived for many years and many suspects that she  was an MI6 operative of long and historic standing while living in Oxford the decades before she was rushed to Myanmar!

There the enigma lies. Hearty support for the call of Israel for Anti-Semitism  struggle and watching as a 'holocaust' of Muslims taking place in a country controlled by the US!

Of all the possible reason, the one which looms large and most convincing for the addressing the call of the Zionists and ignore the call of the dying and fleeing Rohingya is a power of the Zionists muster in the US and most of Europe. And that inevitable leads one to recognize that it is financial... Indeed., the United States depends on the continued loans it receives from Wall Streets to bolster its forever out-of-balance budgets.

Wall street in New York is led by Zionist-owned and Zionist-Controlled financial houses. But then, the City of London, the financial center of Europe, is not in a different state. 73% of the loans the US obtains comes from them bolstering the indebtedness of the US to them as its National Debt rapidly climbs to $30 trillion!

To that, add their ownership and control of the US media... Owning 5 of the 6 media networks which among them means that 98% of the US media...

The search stops for a reason why the champions of Anti-Semitism are actually butchering the real Semites right in their homes, orchards and lands...

We are strictly speaking back to the 1920s!

Cathy Orton 2 months ago 4 October
OMG. Will there ever be justice and truth for these victims???
Jimmy Powdrell Campbell 2 months ago 29 September
@Michael MacGregorHi Michael, yes, and it's worth reading: https://www.scottishpsc.org.uk/Marion-Woolfson.pdf
mick 2 months ago 30 September
Killing of Muhammad al-Durrah
2000 fatal shooting of a Palestinian boy in the Gaza Strip