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6 December


Yisrael ArielOn this day in 2018, settler militants escorted by Israeli troops yet again invaded the...

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Jimmy Powdrell Campbell 1 days ago 5 December
More on this: https://mondoweiss.net/2016/07/israeli-advocated-becomes/
Luke L 11 days ago 10 April
Also on April 10 (1948) albert Einstein wrote:
Lofty 11 days ago 17 November
On 17 November Zionist fake 'anti-racist' orhganisation Hope not Hate issued a statement with Community, the only trade union to support Zionism and the State of Israel, that they were withdrawing an award to musician Joe Solo award. People had voted for Joe on the basis of the work he had put in in forming ‘We Shall Overcome’ an artist led response to growing poverty. Just the kind of grassroots work anti-racists and anti-fascists should be involved in.
Peter 11 days ago 10 June
Nicola Doward, Headmistress of Stretford High School ended her effort to steal the funds children had collected for the Palestinian victims of Israeli bombing and hand them over to an Israeli charity. She was taken aback by the furore.
Peter 13 days ago 4 May
On 4 May 2016 Maj Gen Yair Golan told a Holocaust memorial event in Israel:
“Because if there is anything that frightens me in the remembrance of the Holocaust, it is discerning nauseating trends that took place in Europe in general, and in Germany specifically back then, 70, 80 and 90 years ago, and seeing evidence of them here among us in the year 2016.