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14 May


TarekLoubaniOn this day in 2018, Israeli snipers shot Canadian physician Tarek Loubani in both legs. He


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Tom Richards 6 days ago 19 March
Tom Segev is calling for more sections of Been Gurion's diary and other documents at the Ben-Gurion archive to be uncovered. “There are truly important things which were never released for publication, such as the claim that Israel was behind an attack on a synagogue in Baghdad in 1951 in order to encourage Iraqi Jews to come to Israel, as well as the Lavon Affair in Egypt,” Segev says. “What’s the secret? There are more cases like this.”
Alana 12 days ago May Day greeetings
@Mick NapierNow added
Nancy 12 days ago May Day greeetings
We will never forget the rights of our palestinian people and all massacres that zionist entity committed against our disarmed ancestors.
Free palestine.
Mick Napier 13 days ago May Day greeetings
We hope later today to publish a May Day appeal from Palestinian survivors of the Israeli massacre, refugees driven out of Ayn Al Zaytoun on May 1st 1948
Alana Terego 13 days ago 12 October
How they brought down Jeremy Corbyn. Asa Winstanley on the whole fabricated story.