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Shimon Peres

Peres: Israeli war criminal whose victims the West ignored

Ben White Middle East Monitor A few years ago, Peres described the Palestinians as “self-victimising.” He went on: “They victimise themselves. They are a victim of their own mistakes unnecessarily.” Such cruel condescension was characteristic of a man for whom “peace” always meant colonial pacification. Peres was born in modern day Belarus in 1923, and his family moved to Palestine in the 1930s.… Read full article

We face an enemy with deep pockets & friends in high places

The Israeli Minister of Public Security and Strategic Affairs flew into London last week to enlist UK Government help to fight the BDS movement. Hand in hand with Israeli massacre and ethnic cleansing on the ground in Palestine, the Israeli Government fight against international solidarity with the Palestinian people involved the Minister making a sinister threat to BDS activists that we will… Read full article

Israeli anti-BDS "threats to lives of activists"

Defamation, harassment and threats - the risk in "special operations" against BDSYossi Melman, Maariv(Key points translated by Ofer Neiman) The ministry is divided into three sections: intelligence, awareness (media) and operations.Problems may arise when the operations section, as hinted by Erdan at the YNET conference on BDS this year, will try to carry out, directly or indirectly, attack… Read full article

Sept 5th Israel-Italy World Cup qualifier - BDS Italy appeal

During the Israel-Italy World Cup qualifier, let's fill social media with Palestinian flags!BDS Italy On September 5 in Haifa, Italy will play against Israel in the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup. This match should not take place. Under the rules of fair play, FIFA should suspend the Israel Football Association. In addition to practicing colonialism and apartheid against the entire Palestinian… Read full article