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1 Israeli SOF Pal sling shot 2
May 05, 2018

Protests 5pm Sun 6th/Mon 7th May Cameo Cinema, Edinburgh

in Film
Join the protests against Israeli State-promoted Seret Film Festival 5pm on Sunday 6th and Monday 7th May at the Cameo Cinema, Home Street, Edinburgh An article in Today's Herald, Artists and directors call for Edinburgh's Cameo cinema to pull out of…
Apr 08, 2018

Calls to criminalise angry condemnation of Israeli mass murder

in Zionism
The enemies of free speech on Palestine want to criminalise the term ‘Zionist’, shortened or not. A Westminster Parliament Home Affairs Committee allowed the term ‘Zionism’ to be used but claimed that “The word ‘Zionist’ (or worse, ‘Zio’) as a term of abuse…
boycott apartheid
Mar 25, 2018

A fork in the road for anti-racists in Scotland

in Statements
"When the Palestinians see themselves reflected in the struggles of the victims of racism around the world, how can we in the UK see the Palestinians as a divisive issue and exclude our struggle against racism from the struggle against state-enforced racism,…
Mar 14, 2018

Support Palestine - Stand Up to All Racism

in 'Anti-Semitism'
UPDATE as of Friday morning 16 March We need a victory of courage over fear - as Palestinians show every day The depraved racist views of COFIS (Confederation of Friends of Israel Scotland) has not been a sufficient barrier to organisers allowing them to…
Mar 13, 2018

SPSC statement on Stand Up to Racism, 13 March 2018

in Statements
"Palestinians have situated their struggle, the BDS movement, as part of a wider struggle against racism. Week after week Israel’s crimes escalate, fuelled by racism and genocidal discourse so malevolent that even Israeli generals, prominent journalists and…
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