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West Bank - Eye Witness Report

SPSC Edinburgh 13th June 2016 West Bank - Eye Witness Report Monday 13the June 7pm SPSC Edinburgh Office Presented by Gerry Coutts In April of this year Gerry and Basia Gordon visited a village called Jayyous, Palestine in the West Bank. They were hosted by the famiy of Abdel-Latif. Gerry and Basia travelled from Glasgow to Edinburgh to present a summary of their trip to the Edinburgh branch of… Read full article
Crime and duty

Palestinians and their supporters will not be silenced by Zionist-inspired accusations of 'anti-semitism'

Recent weeks have seen a corrdinated series ofattacks on supporters of Palestinian freedom as supposedly 'anti-semitic'. Political positions both serious and whimsical, but not remotely racist, have led to suspensions from the Labour Party that have included lifelong antiracist Ken Livingstone, ex-Mayor of London. Mick NapierWest Calder6th May 2016 The attacks are a sign of desperation; as Israel… Read full article
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Palestinians on campaign to silence pro-Palestine voices

As members of the Palestinian Diaspora in Britain, many of us British citizens, we have long been familiar with the ploys of Zionists and their supporters in politics and the media. We observe the desperate attempts to silence the ever-growing world-wide criticism of Israel’s actions by conflating opposition to Israel’s brutal policies towards our people with hostility to Jews. We urge all to… Read full article
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Tariq Ali: Notes on anti-Semitism, Zionism and Palestine

By Tariq Ali / 28 April 2016 The past few months have seen voices raised from within the media and Westminster establishment concerning the supposed culture of anti-semitism nurtured under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. This has reached a peak today with the suspension of former Labour Mayor of London Ken Livingston, from the party. But, what is anti-semitism and how does that relate to Zionism… Read full article
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How Israel lobby manufactured UK Labour Party’s anti-Semitism crisis

Asa Winstanley The Electronic Intifada 28 April 2016 Last year, socialist stalwart Jeremy Corbyn won the leadership of the UK’s Labour Party by a landslide. Since then, there has been a steady flow of claims by Israel’s supporters that Corbyn has not done enough to combat anti-Semitism. This has only accelerated in the lead-up to a major test for Corbyn, the UK local elections on 5 May. Even as… Read full article