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Anti-Palestinian racism, Islamophobia and dubious allegation of academic anti-Jewish racism at an Edinburgh university

In the June 2001 issue of the Edinburgh Star, ‘Journal of the Edinburgh Jewish Community’, available in Edinburgh Central Library, Esti Sheinberg wrote that, ’The Jewish passion for Jerusalem is to rebuild and live in it. The Palestinian passion is for blood.’ Sheinberg, then teaching at Edinburgh University, added that, ‘…the Islam of today…because of its psychological and moral constitution…is… Read full article

Pro-Israel organisations and Crown on the defensive as Sheriff throws out charge against Palestine campaigner

3 February 2016, Kilmarnock Sheriff Court Sheriff Watson dismissed a charge of assault against Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (Scottish PSC) member Mick Napier today following the collapse of the prosecution case. Challenges to the prosecution proved that the case had no basis in evidence leading the sheriff to halt the trial before a defence case was presented. The case arose from a… Read full article

Invitation to Kilmarnock Sheriff Court on Wednesday 3 February

You are invited to a trial resuming on Wednesday in Kilmarnock Sheriff Court of an SPSC member - myself - on trumped-up charges of "assault" arising out of a successful, peaceful protest against the racist JNF (Jewish National Fund). JNF Scotland finances activities by its Israeli branch that would, if committed here in the UK, be dealt with as hate crime. But should we be surprised while the UK… Read full article

Holocaust Memorial Day 2016 - Remembering and drawing lessons

We remember the legendary Marek Edelman, who was the last surviving commander of the ZOB, the Jewish Fighting Organisation, in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising...Edelman remained an anti-Zionist till his death, a national hero, in Poland in 2009. Seven years earlier, during the second Palestinian intifada, Edelman addressed an open letter to "To all the leaders of Palestinian military, paramilitary and… Read full article
Mau Mau round up Kenya 19 008

44% of British people 'proud of the British Empire' - we honour those who resisted and still resist

The British Empire not only organised the Zionist colonisation of Palestine, and invaded and devastated Iraq more than once. These are details in a much larger bloody story. The full horror of this bloody empire has, though, been kept a well-guarded secret from generations of British schoolchildren. How many have any inkling of the full horror of Britain's role in, say, Kenya within living memory… Read full article