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Is it Anti-Semitic to Criticize and Boycott Israel?

"...nowadays legislatures in Europe and North America condemn and occasionally outlaw peaceful boycott of Israel (BDS) as anti-Semitic. In doing so they explicitly link Jews of their countries to Israel and its actions. This constitutes a serious danger, not only for the Jews, but also for basic freedoms underpinning the liberal principles of Western democracies." Our elected representatives need… Read full article
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SPSC letter to Edinburgh Fringe, 2016

To: Shona McCarthy, Chief Executive, Edinburgh Festival Fringe18th July 2016 Dear Ms McCarthy International Shalom Festival Gala Concert, Central Hall, 17 August 2016 I write to you to ask that you remove the above event from the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme since it is nothing more than an explicit attempt to whitewash the crimes of a state, in this case the state of Israel. Edinburgh… Read full article
World Council of Churches

World Council of Churches slams Israeli injustice in Palestine

WCC calls for member churches to recognize the danger of using scripture to in any way justify occupation Jimmy Powdrell CampbellEdinburgh7th July 2016 Representing over half a billion Christians around the world, when the World Council of Churches (WCC) agrees a statement recognizing that “so long as underlying injustice persists there can be neither peace nor security for either Israelis or… Read full article
Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid 2016

Don't Dance with Israeli Apartheid at the Edinburgh Festivals

The Confederation of the Friends of Israel Scotland has announced a provocative all-day event during the world’s biggest arts event, the Edinburgh Festival & Fringe; on Wed 17 August at Central Hall at Tollcross, Embassy-funded Friends of Israel and StandWithUs are organising a ‘Shalom Festival’ to promote Israeli 'democracy and tolerance of minorities'. The primary Israeli aim is to reverse the… Read full article
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West Bank - Eye Witness Report

SPSC Edinburgh 13th June 2016 West Bank - Eye Witness Report Monday 13the June 7pm SPSC Edinburgh Office Presented by Gerry Coutts In April of this year Gerry and Basia Gordon visited a village called Jayyous, Palestine in the West Bank. They were hosted by the famiy of Abdel-Latif. Gerry and Basia travelled from Glasgow to Edinburgh to present a summary of their trip to the Edinburgh branch of… Read full article