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Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges: "Why I support BDS"

The Palestinians are poor. They are powerless. They have no voice or influence in the halls of power. They are demonized. They do not have well-heeled lobbyists doling out campaign contributions and pushing through pro-Palestinian legislation. No presidential candidate is appealing to donors—as Hillary Clinton did when she sent a letter to media mogul Haim Saban denouncing critics of Israel—by… Read full article

The BDS campaign, occupation, apartheid and settler colonialism

The template was the settlement of Ulster centuries earlier in Britain’s oldest colony. The colonial power granted privileges to colonists who naturally incurred the hatred of the local people by their seizure of resources and racist arrogance towards the natives; as with settler-colonialism in Ulster so the same dynamic was set in motion with the settler-colonial project in Palestine. From the… Read full article
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How Israeli lacrosse pushes an ethnic supremacy agenda

Should Israeli soldiers be able to brutalise Palestinian sports team members with impunity and then travel the world un-protested? The pro-Israeli gang, as usual, seek to prohibit peaceful protest against the sporting ambassadors of the Apartheid State, who are here to whitewash ethnic cleansing and mass murder. Mick Napier22 July 2015Lacrosse is not a sport that sees bidding wars for TV… Read full article
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PRESS RELEASE: Protests planned at Edinburgh Israel games on anniversary of Gaza attacks

For Immediate Release 22 July 2015 Human rights campaigners are planning protests at Israel’s participation in the FIL Rathbones Women’s 2015 U19 Lacrosse World Championship that starts tomorrow in Edinburgh at the Peffermill sports centre. Campaigners are responding to the Palestinian call for a campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel in support of Palestinian rights. Israel… Read full article

British Government approved £4million of arms sales to Israel after Gaza bombardment

Arms deals to Israel worth £4million were approved by Britain immediately after last summer’s bombardment of Gaza. The sales won official approval despite evidence suggesting British-made arms and components were used in the bombing of the Strip when more than 2000 people were killed. A new report reveals the ­Government sanctioned licences for surface-to-surface missiles, combat helicopters and… Read full article

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Settler Colonial Studies, Vol 2 No 1 (2012)

Settler Colonialism in Palestine.

Settler Colonialism and the State of Exception: The Example of Palestine / Israel David Lloyd, University of Southern California"This paper argues that these apparent contradictions...can best be explained by understanding Israel's occupation of Palestine as an exemplary settler colonial project whose contradictions are embedded in the early framing of Zionism and whose unfolding follows a logic… read full article
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Al Hiwar TV interview: Israel's weaknesses, the growing BDS Campaign and what happened in Cairo in New Year 2011

Mick Napier, Scottish PSC founder member and SPSC Vice-Chair Yvonne Ridley in wide-ranging dscussion with Anas Takriti on Al Hiwar's English-language weekly programme. View here or here. read full article
Gone: a state set up by Western powers to deny national self-determination to the people of Vietnam

States come and go - it's people who are important

"The state formation that will follow the defeat of the Zionist programme of ethnic cleansing and mass killings is not for us to decide. The commitment to full human rights for Palestinians alongside Jews and to the dismantling of the structures of Jewish supremacy throughout Israel/Palestine is enough to guide a campaign of solidarity through the challenges we will face, including attacks from… read full article

These paranoids have nuclear weapons, courtesy of the West

Vatican teaching Hezbollah how to kill Jews, says pamphlet for IDF troopsBy Ofri Ilani, Haaretz 31 July 2009The Pope and the cardinals of the Vatican help organize tours of Auschwitz for Hezbollah members to teach them how to wipe out Jews, according to a booklet being distributed to Israel Defense Forces soldiers. Officials encouraging the booklet's distribution include senior officers, such as… read full article

"Democratic" Israel continues internment without trial

Israeli court's 7th administrative detention of Palestinian mother 15/03/2008 Israeli courts renew the administrative detention of Nora Hashlamoun, 37, for the seventh consecutive time. Hashlamoun went on hunger strike last December for 27 consecutive days in order to demand the non-renewal of her administrative detention and her immediate release, where she spent more than two years under… read full article