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Violence at Israel ‘Peace Festival’ in Edinburgh Fringe

The claim in the Jewish Chronicle of Nazi salutes at a pro-Palestine demonstration in Edinburgh on August 17th was pure invention. The smear is as ridiculous as it is unsurprising given the anti-racist politics of the organisers, the intolerance of the protestors to such filth, the large number of cameras and smartphones in constant use, as well as the numbers of police present throughout the… Read full article
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Protest Festival of Israeli crime in Edinburgh, August 17

Palestine supporters to Edinburgh on August 17th!The language of some UK pro-Israel organisations is getting very heated concerning their celebration of "all things Israel" during the Edinburgh Fringe on Wednesday August 17. The celebration of Israel is a celebration of violent ethnic cleansing - past, ongoing and planned. "All things Israel" includes war crimes and crimes against humanity,… Read full article

Special offer until 31 August 2016

Knowledge without action is pathological, but action without study and reflection is ineffective. We need to agitate, organise and educate ourselves and those around us. It’s a start to be morally outraged by Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people but we need to understand the nature of the enemy we face, why the Zionists are intent on eliminating the Palestinian people from Palestine,… Read full article

Lajee cultural centre in Edinburgh

Over 150 people attended the Lajee Centre performance in Edinburgh on the 15th of July on their scottish tour. Lajee, meaning refugee in Arabic, is a creative cultural space for the children of Aida camp in Bethlehem; a training ground for IDF soldiers that is home to 3150 refugees (UNRWA).The centre's tour brings 35 talented young people from the camp to Scotland and Ireland, showcasing… Read full article
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Zionist censorship & mobilisation for Edinburgh Fringe

The pro-Israel gang are working across the UK to support their one-day effort during the Edinburgh Fringe to openly promote the apartheid State of Israel as a beacon of tolerance. They are also trying to persuade Edinburgh City Council to cancel the booking for the conference on Settler Colonialism in Palestine on August 13th in Edinburgh. Mick Napier24 July 2016 CENSORSHIPStanley Grossman of… Read full article